The West Hollywood Hotel You Need To Know About | Kimpton La Peer, Los Angeles, CA

Playing with Puppies by the pool in west hollywood at the Kimpton La Peer Hotel
Hey guys!

Whilst in Los Angeles this month I had the pleasure of staying at the Kimpton La Peer hotel in West Hollywood and I wanted to tell you a little bit more about it because it was so dreamy that I actually didn’t want to leave and I have to admit that maybe next time we shouldn’t stay here and we’d get more done in LA?

Before I get into the full low down, I wanted to be 100% honest with you guys, I stayed at the Kimpton La Peer hotel for 5 nights. 3 of those nights were at a discounted “media rate” and the other 2 were complimentary. Whilst there we did go to the restaurant and order room service etc but this was not included in our complimentary stay, we went to the restaurant because it was on trip advisor and it was close by, not because it was a free meal!

Dog Friendly hotel in West Hollywood, Los Angeles - The Kimpton La Peer by Melrose

Kimpton La Peer | The West Hollywood Hotel You Need To Know About

So the Kimpton La Peer hotel is in West Hollywood and this isn’t actually the only Kimpton hotel in LA. I stayed in another one last year which was also beautiful, comfortable and all round amazing but I have to say the location of the Kimpton La Peer blew the other one out of the park. Not only is it situated in West Hollywood which BTW is where all of the best things are, it’s also right off Melrose Avenue and when I say right off, I mean literal steps away from Cecconis and a 5 minute walk to that pink wall.

If you want to research the location which I 100% would recommend you do, location is so important when picking a hotel, this is the address! 627 n la peer dr, west hollywood, ca 90069.

OK so location aside I wanted to quickly mention one other thing that apart from the super comfy bed, clean aesthetic and welcoming staff totally made me think, this hotel was made for me. Oh wait, there’t another one I just thought of! Ok so the first thing is that it’s dog friendly. If you follow me over on instagram you might have seen me post this photo of two adorable little pups I met around the pool, it did turn into a stalking situation when I “stopped by” the pool every day to check if they were there but what can I say, I was missing my own puppy and I got the feeling the love was mutual so I’m pretty sure it’s fine.

So you’re wondering what the second absolutely amazing thing that means that this hotel was made for me right? I’ve got two words for you, wine . .  hour. Yes, I’ve come to learn that in all Kimpton hotels, yes I repeat, all Kimpton hotels, there is a wine hour between 5pm and 6pm where they serve free wine complete with olives, bread and dips as a social hour. What, I ask of you, more do you need from a hotel? One day we managed to fit 3 wines in, of course free wine hour is a competition right?! Not that I condone excessive drinking and all that. They also have a free coffee hour in the morning but I never made it to that one!

Pale Rose and Balenciaga Triple S in West Hollywood Hotel The Kimpton La Peer on Melrose

The rooms pretty much speak for themselves when you look at the photos but I just wanted to mention the first room I stayed in which was before Jess joined me, the couples room. Very romantic, very relaxing, bath tub big enough for a family of 4 and the dreamiest bathroom situation, check their website for some photos of what to expect.

Finally I mentioned before that we took a trip across the courtyard to the restaurant, Viale Dei Romani. I would definitely recommend this, even if you’re not staying at the hotel, it’s worth a trip to the restaurant. We checked the internet for the best dish because we are both very indecisive and terrible at picking the wrong thing from the menu. The internet told us to order the Pasta Alla Piastra and they were right, kind of like a lasagne but not. Layered thin sheets of pasta in a tomato sauce that just tasted incredible, honestly, google it! We shared it and got a side of Calamari, also delicious, which I would recommend doing as it’s a very generous portion!

Basically, if you’re off to LA and you want to stay in West Hollywood then make sure you check it out here because it’s not only in the perfect location but it’s also a pretty damn nice hotel and let us not forget, wine hour. If you’re not staying then 100% bookmark this for the restaurant whilst you’re in town! The Pasta Alla Piastra will not dissapoint!

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The amazing outside bar area at west hollywood hotel the kimpton la peer on melrose

Selfie with myOlympus pen f in Kimpton La Peer bathroom

Open Magazine on fresh white bedding at the kimpton la peer hotel in west hollywood

Sustainable West Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles - The Kimpton La Peer Hotel

Clean white sheets in a modern hotel room at the Kimton La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood

Relaxing in the hotel room at the Kimpton La Peer Hotel off Melrose Avenue

Free people straw basket bag on chair at kimpton la peer hotel in west hollywood LA

Interior Design Details at the Kimpton La Peer Hotel in Los Angeles, West Hollywood

LACMA lamp Posts Polaroid Picture

Patchwork Corner Sofa in the lobby at the Kimpton La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood

Beautifully Designed Modern Interiors at the Kimpton La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood

Pale Rose in the courtyard at the Kimpton La Peer Hotel West Hollywood

Sinead Crowe Having a Rose in the Courtyard of the Kimpton La Peer Hotel, West Hollywood

Beautiful pool area at the Kimpton La Peer hotel in West Hollywood

Playng with Puppies by the pool area at Kimpton La Peer in West Hollywood, Los Angeles

West Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, The Kimpton La Peer Hotel


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