Why I’ve Set New Years Resolutions

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New Years Resolutions. They’re often personal and something I steer clear of on here but since I asked on stories and you guys wanted to know I thought I’d bare all. This years been a big one so in order to try and match it, a girls gotta have goals.

Also apologies for the re used insta image but 1 I love that jumper (you can get it here I took two sizes up) and 2 it’s raining and cold and I’m not quite ready to venture out yet so it was this or nothing I’m afraid.

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Why I’ve Set New Years Resolutions

In past years I never used to set new years resolutions, I didn’t see the point. I always saw them as something that people set and fail, join a gym, quit smoking, loose 10 pounds.. it’s setting yourself up for failure which is why I just hated the idea of it. Then I read the secret.

You’ve probably seen my blog post about it already (if not here it is) so I won’t bore you with the hard sell but it’s essentially all about the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction. You can determine your own future if you want it hard enough and believe that it can happen for you. Which is why I now see goal setting as a super important part of life. Not only for new years resolutions but for every day, every week, month and moment.

Obviously with it being new year though, I had to bring out some of my year long goals for both my personal life and my work life!

My Personal New Years Resolutions

So I’ll start with personal because I just have 3 goals for this year.


This has been a goal of mine pretty much since my first friend got a mortgage and I got that “oh shit I still live at home and go to uni” realisation. However this year is different, last year I worked my socks off in my first year of being self employed which allowed me to actually have savings. This year I will hit my target, I’m not saying I will buy a house this year because when I do buy a house I want it to be the right one. What I am saying is I will be ready to buy a house.


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’ll know that I’ve been suffering with anxiety for a few years now. I won’t go into it too much but a previous job caused me all kinds of stress that’s left me with a level of anxiety that just wont go away.

Last year I cut my medication in half and this year I’m coming off of it. I hate being someone who has to take lots of tablets in the morning and I’ve already come of the pill which has improved my mood no end. I actually think that being off of the pill will also help with my anxiety and I look forward to being pill free in 2018!

If you’re also on medication for anxiety it’s important to note that you cannot just stop taking it, you need to discuss this with your doctor and come off of them at a time that is right for you. For instance, coming off of them at winter is said to be harder than summer time as it is naturally a more miserable few months!


I’ve been taking about doing Yoga someday since I don’t know when. This year I start, I’m going to join a class and I’m going to stick to it. Please feel free to check up on me and give me abuse if I don’t.

I did have to go meat free on here then took a break to go to the supermarket and had a break down about not being able to eat enchiladas again. I’m definitely going to try and cut down my meat consumption to a point where I can cut it out completely though! I just genuinely love chicken.

My Work New Years Resolutions

I know people say you shouldn’t judge by numbers and I agree to a certain extent. You certainly shouldn’t favour growth over staying true to yourself and creating content that you’re proud of, but to me, growth is how I measure my success. So yes, judge me or don’t, I am basing my goals on growth.


But first… have more fun! Fun content gets more likes anyway right? People love authenticity and so do I and if I can have fun whilst creating the content then why shouldn’t I? After all this is one hell of a job that I am incredibly lucky to be doing to I’m making sure this year is the year of F U N.


I’m lying to you already. I actually want to hit 50k. And I’m on 5k. So not too hard right? only took me 2 years to get to 5k so 1 year for 45 more shouldnt be too hard? This year I’m cracking youtube, mark my words.

Head over to my youtube and hit subscribe if you haven’t already! I’m putting a huge focus on it this year with regular videos and more concentrated content and maybe even learning to properly edit! If there is anything you guys want to see just ask!


Now this is based on growth though that pesky algorithm that once worked in my favour has now come round to bite me on the ass. Last year I grew by just over 30k so we can do 40 this year am I right? Why stop at 40K? Lets say 150k???

If you haven’t already then make sure you help me out and head over and give my account a follow! If you also find that your not seeing posts, just make sure you like and comment if you want to continue seeing them! Thats how instagram figures out what you like and don’t like!


Because I know the focus on blogs may have shifted but do you know what I enjoy doing this. So I may have once been a blogger but maybe now I’m an instagrammer and blogging is my hobby? I don’t know. All I know is I am not going to ignore this space and leave the dust to collect. Regular content will be here at least 3 times a week and yes sometimes it may be my youtube videos but there’ll be an extra little foreword in there for you!


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  1. Lisa Santos
    3rd January 2018 / 11:09 pm

    Hope you achieve all your goals! xx

    • Sinead
      7th January 2018 / 8:41 pm

      Thank you so much lovely!!!! I hope you have a fab 2018!

  2. 4th January 2018 / 12:34 am

    Great goals! I never usually set resolutions for the same reason but I have a couple this year, nothing too strenuous ?
    I have no doubt you’ll reach your number goals, your YouTube videos are always entertaining and your instagram is ???

    • Sinead
      7th January 2018 / 8:40 pm

      Ah babe thank you so much! I hope I do! So happy you like them and happy new year!

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