3 New Ways To Wear Your Shirt Dress

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Wear Your Shirt Dress As A Skirt

This is a look I’ve seen other people, more fashion people wearing and never really thought I could pull it off. However, recently I’ve been making a concerted effort to wear what the hell I like and to actually wear everything in my wardrobe. So, stuff it, I’m wearing it. And do you know what? I think it looks pretty good!

The nude/rose gold/pink accessories finish of the outfit perfectly and I can’t go out without the finishing touch of a watch! This pink one was just what my collection was missing, I mean what colour would I have worn for this outfit if I didn’t have a pink one right? I don’t think I own any watches that don’t have the oversized manly face so this one with it’s girly colours is the perfect balance of boy meets girl!

shirt dress as skirtShirt Dress Rose Gold Shirt Dress Blogger Style

*Top : Old
Shirt Dress : Asos
Sandals : Sold Out
Bag : Arch Label Agency
*Sunglasses : Missguided
*Watch : Henry London

Shirt Dress Outfit Post

How To . .

So the actual tying of the shirt took me just as long to figure out as it did to shoot this entire post. However, once I’d nailed it, it was like riding a bike.

  • Button the shirt up to the length of skirt you want, or until it sits on your hips
  • Neatly fold over so the armpits tuck underneath the sleeves
  • Tie the sleeves around the front
  • Tuck excess material in waist

SIDE NOTE : Why do my legs look dip dyed? Another fake tan fail!

Shirt Dress Tied As Skirt

Wear Your Shirt Dress as A Shirt

Ok so this one’s not quite so creative but hey, I’m really loving the whole dresses as shirts thing you may or may not have seen in my post last week (read it here!). I feel like the oversized length of wearing a dress with jeans gives it a more effortless look than a shirt that’s standard size. I mean, it’s just taking the whole boyfriend shirt thing to a whole new level right?

Shirt Dress Ways To Wear

Shirt Dress : Asos
Jeans : Asos
Loafers : Topshop
Bag : Zara
*Sunglasses : Misguided
*Watch : Henry London

Shirt Dress Ripped JeansShirt Dress StripesShirt Dress Zara BagShirt Dress With Denim

Make Your Summer Wardrobe Work For You

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this idea of wearing dresses and jeans together because it’s opened a whole new section of my wardrobe to possibilities where I normally wouldn’t have got much use out of them at all! I particularly love this one open because it flows in the wind dramatically when I walk meaning I always make an entrance!

Also! Have a look at how nice this watch is! I have to mention it because I get a lot of watches, I literally have one to match every outfit! But! This one is so beautiful and manly, I love wearing it a bit looser like with the long shirt it gives the look of actually wearing your boyfriends watch. This one’s even engraved with my name thanks to the amazing people at Henry London! I don’t think you can get more classic than a gold bracelet watch, They have this style with lots of different faces but I liked the detail on this one with the different dials!

Shirt Dress Street StyleShirt Dress Henry London

Wear Your Shirt Dress As A Cold Shoulder Top

You guys know my love for cold shoulder tops, if you don’t where have you been?  So with this in mind it was inevitable that I was eventually going to start looking at the clothes I already own and thinking “how can this be cold shoulder?“! I think I did a pretty good job short of cutting the top off!!

Shirt Dress Off ShoulderShirt Dress Vintage Levis

Shirt Dress : Asos
Denim Shorts : Urban Outfitters
*Sandals : Birkenstocks
Sunglasses : Missguided
*Watch : Henry London

Shirt Dress Sinead CroweShirt Dress Fashion Blogger

How To . .

This ones much simpler than the other one but hey I thought I would do a little how to anyway incase you wanted to turn your shirt dress into a cold shoulder top. Also I wanted to add a note that you’re probably thinking, “can’t you do this with a normal shirt?“. But you see how dramatically shorter the dress has got and you can work this one out for yourself!

You literally just unbutton the shirt and pull it over your shoulders, I could have un-done mine one button more but I wanted it to be secure on my shoulder to avoid any peekaboo moments! I kind of love the dishevelled look of it too! A sort of undone look!

P.S how amaze are my new denim shorts? I feel like I’ve finally found the perfect pair! Not too tight and not bum cheek grazing! I mean how hard is it to get a pair of denim shorts that don’t show the world your entire bottom these days!? I got mine from the Urban Outfitters renewal section, if you know your size you can get them online here!

Shirt Dress Birkenstocks Shirt Dress Cold Shoulder

All photography by Sue Crowe

I hope you guys liked my 3 NEW ways to wear your shirt dress! Make sure you leave me a comment to let me know what you think and as always, be sure to hit follow on Bloglovin’ for lots more fashion tips to come!

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This post is in collaboration with Henry London but all thoughts, opinions and creative direction are my own



    • Sinead
      19th July 2016 / 10:14 am

      Oh my god I know right? I have LIVED in these sandals this summer – as I am sure you’ll know if you’ve seen my other posts!

  1. Ilah Ekamper
    18th July 2016 / 2:01 pm

    This looks so cute, love all of these outfits a lot! You look very pretty in them as well! Xx


    • Sinead
      19th July 2016 / 10:13 am

      Ah thanks so much! You’re too kind!! I think this is one of my favourite posts in a while!

    • Sinead
      19th July 2016 / 10:13 am

      I know what you mean! Thanks so much lovely! I’m obsessed with this one with the little blue and white stripes! I’m loving the blue and white stripes at the minute!

  2. Megan Clarke
    18th July 2016 / 10:50 pm

    Obsessed with the cold should top idea! I sometimes wear my shirt dress as a kind of jacket!

    • Sinead
      19th July 2016 / 10:11 am

      Thats such a good idea! I hadn’t thought of that one!!

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