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Chanelling Homer

Now I know people probably think that blue jeans + white shirt = Homer Simpson, but I’m here to show you how even the most simple combos can be jazzed up (or down). I think if I had to pick one outfit for the rest of my life to wear it would definitely be this, though maybe I’d switch out the white shirt for a white t-shirt?

The look varies so much depending on how much you button up the shirt, are you going for a deep v? or are you going prim and proper, right to the top? The shoes of course make a huge difference, are you opting for trainers? Heels? Boots? – obviously I went for boots but you already knew that because I am a self confessed creature of habit! I’d say that the jeans have a huge impact on what the look is too, some of my favourite looks are the baggy, ridiculously ripped boyfriend jeans styled with some killer heels and a shirt erring on the sexy side with up to 3 button undone, risk-ay!



Get The Look

Here’s some of my favourite blue jeans ‘n’ white shirts! I have to admit that She Inside definitely do the best selection of jeans! I mean, I’ve never ordered jeans from there before so I can’t comment on how well they fit but they look pretty great and I’ve seen a few other bloggers wearing them so they’re definitely next up on my hit list – slash when I’m not broke!

Topshop is 100% where I get my jeans from when I just want a pair I can rely on, I know their jeans and I know my size, Jamie’s are the best for skinnies! Loving the smokey effect ones below, I’m sure you’ve noticed I practically live in jeans so you can never have enough!

Inspo-Blue-Jeans-White-Shirt-009Top row from left : Boohoo // Sheinside // Sheinside // Topshop
Bottom row from left : River Island // Topshop // Sheinside //Topshop


Top row from left: Zara //Topshop //Topshop //River Island
Bottom row from left: Sheinside //Topshop // Sheinside //Choies

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All photo’s taken from Pinterest



  1. 18th January 2016 / 8:18 pm

    Such a simple, chic and classic look! Great inspo post.


  2. 18th January 2016 / 10:46 pm

    I could live in my jeans and shirts, I have a couple of different coloured shirts and just cannot get enough of them. Sometimes borrowing the boyf’s is good with some jeans and heels. Last outfit was a light blue oversized shirt, skinnies and nude heels. I want to try the look with a pair of extra high wedges I have but i’m tall enough without so usually go for my adidas trainers 🙂 Great post xx

  3. Caroline
    19th January 2016 / 10:19 am

    Love love love this look, however never been able to pull it off personally.. I have short stumpy (maybe not stumpy, lets call them sporty!lol)
    Look forward to seeing how you’ve styled them. I practically live in jeans also!


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