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So you guys may have noticed that my coat collection has grown at an extortionate rate this season and a majority of these are fur, faux fur. It seems that my penchant for faux fur coats has caught the eye of someone out there as one of you lovely lot requested a video on ways to wear fur coats so naturally I had to oblige.

Not gonna lie, I had fun doing it. Furs my fave.

5 Ways To Wear Fur Coats

So rather than picking just one coat to style up I thought, where’s the fun in that. So I’m showing you 5 ways to wear fur coats, with 5 different coats. They’re not all necessarily for different occasions, trends or styles. Just to show a variation of outfits and hopefully give out some inspo on different ways to wear fur coats for those that might be struggling! I know it might seem that the depths of winter are far behind us but seriously, it’s baltic out there and the only thing better than a winter coat is a faux fur coat. Plus with the way British weather is you may find yourself looking back on this in May.

Make sure you let me know which look is your favourite and if you want to see me style any other trends, products or for a particular occasion then all you’ve got to do is holler at me!

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