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So this weeks shopping post is a bumper one! I wanted to make sure I got my Christmas gift ideas out to you guys ASAP as I know that there’s a lot to think about this year with lockdowns and extended delivery periods, plus having not seen our loved ones for a while, we really want to make sure we are getting a super thoughtful and lovely gift that we know will show them that we’re thinking about them! So i’ve done several gift guides within this Christmas gift ideas post AND a youtube video talking through some of my favourite things I would love to receive and what’s actually on my Christmas list this year!!


Christmas Gift Ideas 2020

So for the first part of this video I’m sharing my top Christmas gift ideas for both luxury and budget which I hope you will agree I have done across this whole post! If you don’t fancy sitting and watching me blabber on and talk through my choices, then feel free to keep scrolling where you’ll find a handy round up for each “category”! I will keep sharing these on my socials plus more if I have a stroke of inspiration, but I wanted them all out there for you guys to plan what you’re going to get because if you’re anything like me then you’ll be doing your Christmas shopping this year in the black Friday sales!

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I know that we are all at home a lot more right now and that makes this category even more appropriate this year, but for me, this whole section is essentially my personal wish list. I love anything soft and cosy and always hope to the Christmas fairies, or Santa Claus if you like, that I’ll be blessed with some new pyjamas, slippers, cosy socks a dressing gown. Just anything that makes lounging around the house that much more comfortable. I honestly do not think you can go wrong with a set of pyjamas as a Christmas gift and the best thing about them is that you can go for something super boujie and luxury like from the white company, or something more affordable from places like H&M which I have to say, some of my favourite pyjamas come from! Another great gift on the cosy line is a pair of cashmere socks, the white company do a pair that I usually get every Christmas from my mum or sister, they’re so soft and a touch of luxury without breaking the bank.

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1 Grey Slippers Shop Here
2 Beige Pyjamas – Shop Here
3 White Towelling Robe – Shop Here
4 Grey Cosy Robe – Shop Here
5 Pink Check Pyjamas – Shop Here
6 Grey Cashmere Socks – Shop Here
7 Teddy Ballerinas – Shop Here
8 Cashmere Jumper – Shop Here
9 Cashmere Trousers – Shop Here
10 Grey Check Pyjamas – Shop Here
11 Chunky Grey Blanket – Shop Here
12 UGG Slippers – Shop Here


Now we move on to beauty and let me tell you, beauty doesn’t have to be just for women. Jack is always stealing my Jo Malone perfumes and I have spotted him using the Aesop hand cream as body cream ( I quickly informed him of the price and the fact that it was never to actually be used!) so I know for a fact he’d appreciate a lovely skincare gift or something scent wise too. Elemis have some amazing gift sets out this year for both men and women and if in doubt, always Jo Malone.

Click on the images below to shop!

1 Jo Malone Body Lotion – Shop Here
2 Jo Malone Body Wash – Shop Here
3 GHD Hair Straighteners – Shop Here
4 Kiehls Ultra Hydrators Kit – Shop Here
5 Jo Malone Perfume – Shop Here
6 OUAI Perfume – Shop Here
7 Elemis Mens Skincare Set – Shop Here
8 Elemis Pro Collagen Gift Set – Shop Here


Now this is another section that I myself always hope and wish for at Christmas and on birthdays but is even more appropriate with the current times. I’m just going to go ahead and say it, I’ve pretty much been on a personal lock down for the last few years alright! And that is, games and puzzles! A great gift for a couple or a family or a stocking filler! Everyone loves a good puzzle at Christmas and I spotted this Friends puzzle which I think would pretty much be a hit with anyone in their 30s. Then we’ve got the classics; Jenga, Scrabble and Chess. One great group game is Santa Banter, I don’t actually have this one but I do have Obama Llama by the same company and it’s GREAT.

Click on the images below to shop!

1 Escape Room Game – Shop Here
2 Rubiks Cube – Shop Here
3 Scrabble Special Edition – Shop Here
4 Cards Against Humanity – Shop Here
5 Jenga – Shop Here
6 Uno Card Game – Shop Here
7 Friends Jigsaw Puzzle – Shop Here
8 Chess Board – Shop Here
9 Santa Banter Game – Shop Here

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This ones for all of the home lovers out there! I mentioned in my video how a super easy and affordable gift idea is to send a lovely photo frame with a photo of you and the other person inside, we definitely rinsed this idea dry last year with our wedding photos so I think I need to wait it out for a few years now! Other great home ideas are candles and diffusers, something like this white company electronic diffuser is a great idea as it actually looks good too! White company also do super affordable candles that feel luxury if you wanted to go down that route or of course there is always Jo Malone where you can get your pieces engraved as well! I also spotted this super special limited edition Jo Malone Candle on Mr Porter of all places (told you me like this stuff too!). Then we’ve got the coffee table books and my newest obsession “The Book of White” you guys may or may not have noticed my obsession with the white company at the moment! Or perhaps a book from their favourite designer, a cook book or something more personal like this one like a day diary. I also had to add in some of my favourite Anissa Kermiche vases, they are a bit pricey but truly a work of art, however there are plenty of more affordable beautiful vases like this Anthropologie bust vase and if you wanted to go the extra mile you could even fill it with the recipients favourite blooms.

1 Grey Chunky Blanket – Shop Here
2 All About Yves Book – Shop Here
3 Jo Malone Candle – Shop Here
4 Bust Plant Pot – Shop Here
5 Anissa Kermiche Mini Bum Vase  Shop Here
6 One Line A Day Diary – Shop Here
7 Electronic Diffuser – Shop Here
8 Black Photo Frame – Shop Here
9 Anissa Kermiche Jugs Jug – Shop Here
10 White Company Book – Shop Here
11 Special Jo Malone Candle – Shop Here
12 Anissa Kermiche Love Handles Vase – Shop Here

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I know this is probably the most predictable section but I had to include it. If you know someone who loves jewellery or especially loves Pandora jewellery I’ve just discovered that they actually sell Pandora jewellery boxes. Such a great idea for a collector or avid fan or just anyone really as they are truly beautiful and classic! If you follow me on instagram you will have already heard me raving about my new Casio watch! It’s a real classic style and only £60 so an amazing Christmas gift idea as it’s super affordable but still a great quality watch from a well know brand. I always think you can’t go wrong with earrings because they fit everyone! A classic pair of gold hoops with a twist, this square hoop from the Estee Lalonde collaboration with Daisy London is such a cute option!

1 Burberry Scarf – Shop Here
2 Square Hoop Earrings – Shop Here
3 Chloe Initial Necklace –
 Shop Here
4 Chloe C Earrings – Shop Here
5 Casio Watch – Shop Here
6 Jewellery Box – Shop Here
7 Pandora Ring – Shop Here


And finally we come to the section which is usually the go to for me when looking for Christmas gift ideas for Jack or any other man in my life. You can’t go wrong with leather goods. Be it a wallet, a card holder or a passport holder, there are also lots of brands like Mont Blanc and Aspinal of London that allow you to personalise items making them that bit more special. Aspinal actually have an offer on where you can get up to £150 off depending on how much you spend, a spend to save type offer! One year I got Jack a personalised Mont Blanc pen and it was such a great gift, he’s had it for over 4 years now and still uses it every day. Other great gift ideas include a leather key ring, I have this one from Aspinal and again use it daily and it’s still in amazing quality after several years or a personalised leather luggage tag, everyone needs one!

Click on the images below to shop!

1 Chloe Small Purse – Shop Here
2 Givenchy Small Purse – Shop Here
3 Aspinal Leather Wallet – Shop Here
4 Mont Blanc Leather Pen Holder – Shop Here
5 Mont Blanc Fountain Pen With Gold Nib – Shop Here
6 Aspinal Leather Key Ring – Shop Here
7 Aspinal Leather Passport Holder – Shop Here
8 Smythson 2021 Diary – Shop Here
9 Chloe Card Holder – Shop Here
10 Smythson Leather Luggage Tag – Shop Here



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    This post is AMAZING! I was so stuck for Christmas ideas this year and this has helped SO much!

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