Forever 21 Favourites

I can never resist a quick shop in Forever 21 whenever I’m in a 1 mile radius of a store, but I never think to shop online. I follow a lot of Americans and Canadians on Instagram and everything they have I want and where does it all come from? Forever 21 of course.

Now I don’t know why but for some reason, probably the fact that it’s an american brand, I got it into my head that you had to pay for international shipping if you order online. Why didn’t I just check your thinking? I wonder about that same question myself. It’s the same as any other UK shipping and best of all, they’ve got that aged old favourite offer, spend £50 or over and you get free delivery.

So I’m not sure if you’re familiar with forever 21 but it’s pretty much the best store ever, same kind of stuff as H&M and Topshop only with 1000’s to choose from and at a fraction of the price. I was so overwhelmed when I first looked (and so broke) that I only got the denim shirt. It’s pretty perfect to be honest, it’s only £19.00 and it’s really heavy denim so they clearly don’t skimp on quality to get the cheap prices! I did however enjoy putting together a little wishlist which come pay day I’ll be taking through the checkout.

Forever 21 Favourites

Bell Sleeve Slouchy Sweater : £15.00 | Denim Shirt : £19.00 | Striped Trim Ribbed Top : £12.00 | Boxy Utility Jacket : £25.00 | Genuine Suede Button-Front Jacket : £52.00 | Textured Open-Knit Sweater : £14.00 | Cuffed Cap-Sleeve Boxy Top : £10.00 | Buttoned Denim Pencil Skirt : £19.00 | Faux Suede Strappy Flats : £19.00 | Genuine Suede Mini Skirt : £22.00 | Frayed Stripe-Patterned Scarf : £11.00 | Wavy Knit Sweater : £14.00

Do you shop at Forever 21? Am I the only person on earth to have only just discovered it?? If you find any good pieces let me know!

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