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Hallway Decorating Ideas - Monochrome Decor

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It’s been a while since I did an interiors post on here but I wanted to show you our new hallway flooring which I am absolutely over the moon with and some hallway decorating ideas to go alongside it! For a long time now we have had most of the ground and first floor sorted but it’s always felt super un finished because the hallway and stairs just weren’t what we wanted. Because the space connecting it all felt not “us” or “done” it really made the whole house feel unfinished and not that we finally have the carpet in and the hallway updated it’s made the entire home feel more finished!


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Hallway Update / Hallway Decorating Ideas

We wanted a natural carpet for the hallway and stairs as we’ve stuck to a super neutral theme throughout the home with stone and wooden floors elsewhere, but I didn’t want to do down the route of wood for the stairways. With that in mind the natural carpet seemed like the obvious option! Little did we know there were soooo many carpet choices when you say you want natural! I had originally thought that I would like the Jute carpet as I have a Jute rug downstairs which isn’t too rough and a lovely natural colour. However, after speaking to the lovely people at Alternative Flooring about the look we wanted to go for and the practicalities of where it would be, we decided Jute was not the way to go. Though Jute is a beautiful carpet, it’s quite slippy which actually really surprised me! So definitely not something you want on a staircase! They also informed us that Jute isn’t as hard wearing as some of the other natural carpets so we ordered a selection of samples to make our decision from and ended up falling in love with the Coir Panama sample.

Coir is actually made up of coconut hair too which I loved the idea of! It is a bit rougher underfoot but way more hardwearing for somewhere like the stairs and of course, most importantly, not slippy! I have to say I have been walking around bare foot on the carpet since we got it and I’ve found it absolutely fine plus Penny (our little pup) is our true road tester and she has no issues whatsoever!

We had our carpet fitted by Richard Malley Floor Designs from Grantham, not super close to us but they were more than happy to come over for measurements etc and even stopped in when we had a question about the carpet gripper one day after and fixed it all for us. If you are based in the Lincolnshire area I would highly recommend they are super professional! We even had it fitted during lockdown which we were concerned about but they came with everything they needed and we stayed in another room, they wore masks and gloves the whole time which made us feel really safe.

I took some before and after shots to show you the transformation and give you some neutral hallway decorating ideas if you too are looking to update your hallway! I also linked everything featured below the images!

Check out the Alternative Flooring Natural Carpet Selection Here
Contact Richard Malley Floor Designs Here


Hallway Decorating Ideas - Poochon Hallway Decorating Ideas - Neutral Decor BEFORE Hallway Decorating Ideas - BEFORE


Hallway Decorating Ideas - Neutral DecorHallway Decorating Ideas - Natural CarpetHallway Decorating Ideas - Poochon PuppyHallway Decorating Ideas - Alternative Flooring Carpet


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  1. Frankie
    29th January 2021 / 12:41 pm

    It looks amazing! This is definitely the carpet I would love for our all hallway/stairs! And will be great when the baby is walking too! x

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