How to shop using Instagram

How to shop my posts using instagramI remember when I was younger (yesterday) wishing that everything I liked on Instagram would just appear in my wardrobe and be mine. Well people, I’m here with a very important message – it can! kind of.

Last week I was accepted on to the Reward Style programme, it’s basically an affiliate site which as I explained before means if you buy something that you’ve seen on my blog, I get a small percentage of the sale – everyones a winner. They also have an app, well not so much an app as a programme? which works with instagram, now this is where it gets interesting.

How it works is that you follow their instagram account @liketoknowit and register at and it literally does what it says on the tin, you like to know it, what I’m wearing that is.
Put simply, I share a photograph, you like it, you then get an email with direct links to the product’s I’m wearing sent straight to you’re inbox. You can literally like a picture and buy what’s featured within minutes. This could be dangerous!

You never have to ask where something’s from again! Once you sign up you’ll start to realise just how many people are signed up to this and how amazing it can be! You can thank me later!


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