Come Shopping With Me In Marks & Spencers

Hey guys! This is a new one for me! I’ve always loved Marks & Spencers for their beautiful homeware and their jacket potatoes with chilli and cheese, seriously the best. And I have bought the occasional dreamy knit or pair of comfy boots but I never really go there to do a proper shop. However! Recently I keep seeing their pieces featured on roundups for websites like who what wear and so I thought it was about time I went and had a proper look, so I did, and of course I thought i would take you guys along with me.

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Wedding Dress Shopping & My Wedding Day

Hey guys! The video you’ve probably been waiting for, for quite some time now! I had to chase down the footage of me on the day then finally sit down to edit so MAJOR apologies that it’s so late! I’ve also got TONS more content to share with you guys but I’ve had to wait 3 MONTHS for my photos as my photographer keeps delaying and delaying me so I’ve not been able to share anything yet as I really wanted to use the professional images!

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New Year, New Releases // Selfridges Beauty

A week or so I got a super exciting package through my door that I had been eagerly waiting on, a Selfridges Beauty treat. I was kindly sent some of Selfridges beauty department new releases to test out and I wanted to share it with you guys as there was such an array of different products to share!

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H&M Come Shopping With Me // New In Winter

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I did a come shopping with me video and I know you guys love H&MĀ almost as much as I do so I wanted to share the experience of going to the showroom with you guys! I picked up so many nice pieces for winter, their knitwear and coat selection right now are so good! And a dreamy top I’ve been waiting to come back in stock for a while!

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