9 Of The Best : Summer Jumpsuit

Hey guys! This week I wanted to focus on the summer jumpsuit. Something I never thought was me faithfull the brand until I found one that suited me and realised what I’d been missing this whole time. This monochrome little number has opened up so many jumpsuit shaped fashion doors for me and now I’m trawling the net for more. I’ve found some amazing styles particularly from who seem to be the best at summer jumpsuits right now!

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MONDAY BEAUTY : Jo Malone Wedding Scenting

Jo Malone wedding scenting. Expensive, excessive, unnecessary and something only the super fancy people do, or so I thought. I have to admit that before I started planning a wedding I had only really seen this sort of thing done at other bloggers weddings and didn’t think it was something people actually did, that is until I had a meeting with my wedding planner and she urged me to do it. A scent is something so strong and so triggering that I can literally walk past a man in the street and instantly be transported back to my first boyfriends bedroom, I can smell a sweet summer fragrance and be back in my Grandads orchard. Photos and rings are amazing memories to keep and look at but the nostalgia that comes with a scent memory is something different altogether.

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5 Easy Ways To Wear Linen Trousers

Hey guys! This week I’m sharing 5 ways to wear the linen trousers! Linen trousers are such a summer wardrobe staple to me and I wanted to share with you how I wear them in so many different ways! Make sure you leave me a comment with your favourite!

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9 Of The Best : Topshop New In

Hey guys! I’m back! Lots of travelling means a lack of blog posts and I’m pleased to say I have no trips planned at the moment so I can get back into my schedule for you guys! There’s been no shortage of youtube content though so if you fancy a binge then head on over there! So back into my 9 of the best and I thought I would focus on a store rather than an item this time and I’m loving everything Topshop is doing right now so here are some of my summer favourites from the Topshop new in section!

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MONDAY BEAUTY : My Favourite Serums

Hey guys! I hope you’re all enjoying my weekly beauty post! It’s really fun to be able to share more of my skincare routine with you guys as there are so many products that I’ve come to love over the years and now class as my skincare favourites! This week I wanted to talk to you about my serums. I’m not sure if you’re meant to use two different serums but for me there are two that I love and couldn’t possibly choose between so i have a day serum and a night serum, go on, call me extra.

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