Its All In The Details // Arket Blazer

For me, a classic outfit with amazing details is my go to look. Give me jeans and a white t shirt any day. All you have to do is add an amazing piece like this Arket blazer and jazz up the details with a necklace stack and lashings of gold jewellery and you’re set. I love this kind of look with a simple colour palette too, to me it works because it’s all neutrals, I can’t see this working the same if it were a bright pink blazer and yellow t shirt, can you? It’s keeping it subtle and playing with different tones and textures that’s key to a simple but effective look.

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Ikea Pax Wardrobe Tour & Clear Out

Hey guys! You don’t understand how happy I am to finally be posting this video! Since we moved in I’ve been living off rails and out of boxes in the bathroom and even in London I didn’t have a proper wardrobe really just rails and shelves. So to finally have a dedicated wardrobe and a home for everything feels SO nice! To celebrate the occasion I thought it would be fun to share the moment of me putting everything away with you guys and deciding where things can go, plus of course I had a major clear out at the same time!

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My Home


My Something Blue // 77 Diamonds

Wedding jewellery is a funny one for me. I wanted something super special that I could wear on my wedding day and keep forever, maybe even pass on to my children. Something to hold my special memories like a family heirloom. Yet I’m someone who wears quite a lot of gold jewellery anyway and loves to layer my jewellery up and most of all I wanted to feel like myself 100%. So in the end I decided to do both, I wore some of my favourite pieces of jewellery that I wear every day and that are truly me and I wore with them, a special piece that I designed along with the 77 diamonds team especially for my big day.

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9 Of The Best Pieces Online Right Now

Each week on a Tuesday morning at 8am I share 9 of my top picks online at the moment. Keep scrolling to see what I’m loving this week and what will surely soon be in my wardrobe and all over my instagram account!

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Come Shopping With Me In Marks & Spencers

Hey guys! This is a new one for me! I’ve always loved Marks & Spencers for their beautiful homeware and their jacket potatoes with chilli and cheese, seriously the best. And I have bought the occasional dreamy knit or pair of comfy boots but I never really go there to do a proper shop. However! Recently I keep seeing their pieces featured on roundups for websites like who what wear and so I thought it was about time I went and had a proper look, so I did, and of course I thought i would take you guys along with me.

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