Picking The Perfect Wedding Shoes

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Hey guys!

And so the wedding content begins! A mere 3 months after the fact but I wanted to wait until I got my professional pictures because a, I didn’t take many on the day ( well I didn’t take any but you know what I mean ) and b, well thats what you pay for isn’t it?! Beautiful images to share! So unfortunately I had to wait a while for the pictures but I think they’re worth the wait and hopefully you guys will agree and still be interested in what I have to say RE wedding! I have a lot to say and share and hopefully some tips along the way to share! The first thing I wanted to talk about is something that I get a LOT of questions about, my wedding shoes and what you can wear as wedding shoes.

Sinead Crowe Wedding Shoes - By Far Gold SandalsSinead Crowe Wedding Shoes - Delphine Manivet Dress

Picking The Perfect Wedding Shoes

So I’ve never been a conventional person, that sounds wrong. But I’ve never been someone to say oh wedding shoes are white court shoes, I’ll get white court shoes. I don’t think that when it comes to your wedding you should be bound by what other people believe is “right” or the done thing. It’s your day, do what you bloody want! If you want 10 outfit changes, if you want a pork pie instead of a cake or if you want to blow the whole thing off and go to Vegas, you do you! So when it came to the shoes I was sure of two things. I wanted something with a small heel, and I was determined to get something that I pretty much wanted for me as a shoe I can continue to love and wear and not just put on a pedestal and gaze at every now and again.

I was ridiculously lucky to be offered the gift of my wedding shoes by Net A Porter, I’m honestly still in shock even when I write these words and the wedding was over 3 months ago now! But I still made sure to pick a pair I knew I would love. Before I got these ones I found some I loved from Jimmy Choo on another site and ordered them, they are beautiful and pretty much couldn’t have been more wedding-y if they tried, but I just couldn’t walk in them. Which is a pretty important thing on your big day. They are very wide and just kept slipping off, imagine the bride scooting along and dragging her heels, not a good look down the aisle. So I re started my search. One thing I realised is that most of the things I had my mind set on at the beginning of the wedding planning journey all fell to pieces and didn’t work out, which is totally OK!

So, back to Net A Porter, they did offer me a super generous voucher of a sizeable amount but I wanted to make sure that the shoes were what I definitely wanted and not just the most expensive I could find so in the end I went with these By Far sandals which I found out today one of you guys got too on my recommendation for your wedding which honestly has touched my heart! I’ve always loved By Far and had been desperate for a reason to need a pair of their shoes so I have no doubt voucher or no voucher that these would have found their way to my feet at some point for the big day!

I went with these because despite it being winter and me being told by multiple people that I would freeze, I wanted shoes I would wear again and it’s my wedding day goddamit practicality is the absolute LAST thing on my mind. Plus when it came to the day itself I was so happy and nervous and anxious and excited that I was actually SWEATING in the freezing cold November weather so I needn’t have worried! Plus once we had the photos out of the way we were indoors. Seriously have none of these people heard of central heating?! I also loved that they were gold. Originally I had been searching for only cream or white but then I thought hey, why do they have to be white just because they’re for a wedding!? I felt the gold added something to my look and still felt special like a princess shoe!

Now my actual sandals are pretty old and went into the sale so I can’t find them anywhere to link but I’ve found this pair which are similar with a slightly higher and chunkier heel which isn’t a bad thing for stability and comfort on the big day! I also linked below all of my favourite designer shoes as I know that a lot of people like to treat themselves to something special for the big day, who doesn’t want an excuse to buy a pair of designer shoes!? Alternatively I’ve also linked my favourite high street shoes that I would wear on my wedding day quite happily! I think there’s some amazing options for both and as I said before, they’re not necessarily conventional options, just what I would wear!

My Designer Wedding Shoes Picks

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My High St Wedding Shoes Picks

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