The Get To Know Me Tag

I wanted to do this tag for so long but whenever I go to film it there’s always something I’d rather do! Then I figured I’ve been on youtube for legit like 2 years now and still I’ve never done the get to know me tag which is crazy! I swear it’s the first one you’re meant to do no?! Anyway! Here it is guys! And make sure you leave me a comment with a random fact about you so I can get to know you a bit more too!

I know that you guys have been loving more of my personal posts so I’m definitely trying to balance these out as much as I can with fashion! I feel like to do both has been too much for me with youtube on top so I’m taking a step back from everything and saying that 100% there will always be a blog post on a Tuesday and a video with a blog post to support on a Sunday. I will 100% try my hardest to get a video/blog on a Thursday too and of course if I have any other spare time for more blog posts I would blog daily if I could but right now I am in London so much I’m just having no personal time!

The Get To Know Me Tag

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