Triangl Bikini Review

Triangl Swimwear Review Brigitte 2I’ve been meaning to do this post since I came back from holiday but somehow I’ve only just got round to it, pretty helpful to get a bikini review at the end of September hey?! Well, to be fair a Triangl bikini is definitely an investment and those lucky few who are jetting off to warmer climates for some winter sun can take this advice on board!

I know there’s a lot of umming and arring when buying a bikini that exceeds £20 (well there is for me anyway!) so I thought it I’d do a little Triangl bikini review! Firstly, I’m lucky enough to own two of these beauties, the Farrah in Wild Thing which is a triangle shaped bikini with crochet detailing, and the Brigitte in in the summertime, which is a bralet style also with crochet detailing.


I found the fit really good, the material is neoprene which unless you’ve been living under a hole and have never heard of Triangl before I’m pretty sure you’ll be aware of! This means that your bottoms don’t fall down when you get out of the pool and there’s no gaping, usually when I swim in a bikini the water goes in and my top goes down. I found it really comfortable to wear and because of the nature of the fabric it’s a good snug fit. It’s worth mentioning that the straps are adjustable as well which helps to get a good fit.


I guess the first thing to mention is that I am lucky if I fill a 34A cup on a good day, I have zero boobs. If you’re blessed by the god of tits you may not find this post helpful! I’m generally an 8/10 depending on where I shop and how I want it to fit, of course with a bikini, I want a tight fit!

The sizing is XXS – XL, I’m not sure what they all stand for but I know XS is 32A and S is 34B so I guess the rest goes up/ down in a similar way. They also have S+ and S++ for those of you who are a smaller size but have bigger boobs which I think’s quite good. To be honest I was told that there was an online chat service for sizing and I didn’t even hesitate before using it! The girls at Triangl are honestly so lovely and helpful, I just gave them my bra size and they told me which would be best. I had the issue that I’m a 34A so I either compromised in the cup or the waist, because I got the Farrah first I went for the S, with it being a triangle style I thought it wouldn’t matter if the cup was a little big. It fitted so well, there was definitely room for me to go smaller but I wanted to be on the safe side.

The next time I was a bit more adventurous, don’t get me wrong I love the Farrah but I chose it because of my boobs, or lack of. I wasn’t sure how the bra style would fit and no body wants an empty cup. I asked the online chat service about this and they said it would be fine so, erring on the edge of caution I went for the XS (32A) size and  it fits perfectly, if anything it was a bit tight on the cup making me look like I had bigger boobs (if that’s possible) which is always a good thing in my book! So I would definitely say both styles are suitable for a small cup size.


I love both styles, I couldn’t really choose a favourite because they’re both so different. The Brigitte has more of the ‘wow’ factor, I definitely found this better for sunbathing because you can tuck the straps in so it’s strapless and it’s good for wearing under things if your going out for the day and fancy a dip! The Farrah is more comfortable because it doesn’t have the under wiring and isn’t as structured.


I know there’s a lot of fakes of the bra style Triangl bikinis out there and in all fairness I haven’t actually tried one to comment. I would however say that you can definitely see the quality in these. They’re lined in black neoprene and have the most beautiful stitching detail to coordinate with the crochet. You can see the attention to detail and as someone who usually get’s my bikinis from H&M or Topshop I can 100% see the difference. Usually I’m lucky if a bikini lasts all summer but these ones will be with me a while I can tell!

Wear ‘n’ Tear

I didn’t wear these in the pool for the first few days but after I’d been in once all preciousness disappeared. I wore the Farrah in the sea and both went in the pool multiple times. I’m not great on bikini care but I rinsed them after each wear which is what I do for all of my bikinis. I also wore them around under my clothes, because of the material the bottom area can get a bit warm if your walking around in denim shorts (not my best moment). I think it’s because of the thick neoprene and the close fit. Anyway, at the end of the holiday when I got home I hand washed each bikini and I can’t really see any signs of wear. The crochet has gone a more creamy colour than bright white but honestly, I wouldn’t have expected something like that to stay perfect so I’m happy with it. You can’t really tell from far away because it’s next to the bright colours it still looks white!

Overall I would definitely say they’re worth the price tag! I’m now a reformed bikini wearer, I’d definitely rather have a few nice ones that 10 kinda nice ones from Topshop!

Click on the images below to be taken directly to the product pages!

Triangl Swimwear Review Triangl Swimwear Review Brigitte 1Triangl Swimwear Review Farrah



  1. Siffat Haider
    23rd September 2015 / 6:56 pm

    I love Triangl Bikini! Their designs are so cute. I just got mine sent to me over the summer and am in love, adore your pick!


    • Sinead
      23rd September 2015 / 7:28 pm

      Which ones did you pick! They’re all so amazing!!

  2. 9th January 2016 / 11:09 am

    This gave me reassurance as I too, erred on the safe side by sizing down (XXS) for the structured bikini top, even though the lady on the chat service recommended I take XS. I do have a question though – since you sized down for the top, does the cup almost appear as though they are half-cups?


    • Sinead
      10th January 2016 / 12:57 pm

      I don’t have much boob at all so I would never have a ‘half cup’! but I can see that it might be like that on someone which a larger breast region!!!! Sorry I can’t be much help! My problem is I have small boobs but am quite wide!

  3. penny
    14th August 2016 / 11:08 am

    The bikinis are good but if you are buying from the UK beware that apart from paying $20 shipping you will also receive a Duty and Tax invoice from FedEx demanding another £27 ($45.60), which is a staggering $65.60 for an $81 bikini (that’s over 80% of the cost of the bikini). The website does mention duty but if I had known it would be at that level then I would never have ordered. Appalling. Please be aware that buying from the UK will cost dearly!

    • Sinead
      14th August 2016 / 10:04 pm

      I’m sad to hear you had a bad experience! I didn’t have to pay any tax etc so it may have just been bad luck?

  4. Jessica Conway
    30th October 2016 / 11:05 am

    What size bikini bottoms did you get? And what UK size are you?

  5. 23rd July 2020 / 4:01 am

    Thank you so much for this amazing post!! i have the same measurements as you — 34A. have you bought any Triangl bikinis in recent years? love to hear your take on sizing now as well. I’m debating between a XS (safe side) and a S top in a more “bra” like form — the Romy Marina. thanks love!!

  6. Issuru
    16th November 2022 / 3:17 am

    looks beautiful and comfy, would look better on my bedroom floor xxxx
    tryna slide bb??

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