Whats In My Bag // Travelling Edition

Whats in my bag travelling edition

I thought I’d do a lil’ post on what’s in my bag whilst I’m travelling seen as the contents vary dramatically from when I’m at home! Partly due to the size of my bag which has forced me to narrow down the crap I carry around, and partly because there’s certain things I just don’t need here . . or there.

The Bag

I mentioned that I picked this bag up in a little Zara haul I did back in Bali see the post hereI did actually buy a bag specifically for travelling but as with most things I started off with, it’s been left behind in a hostel to be replaced with shiny new things . .  shiny new Zara things. I also had the issue of the laundrette shrinking half my wardrobe. .  but we wont talk about that.

So the bag, I got it because its neutral, it’s statement and it jazzes up my simple travelling outfits and makes me feel a bit special in a crowd of jogger wearing hippies.

Whats in my bag travelling edition

Whats In My Bag

Spare Lens

I always carry around my spare lens. You never know when somethings going to happen here, the other day we saw wild elephants walking along the road!! I’m always ready to take the perfect shot – usually with both lenses and my phone camera . .  just incase . . y’know.

Tiger Balm

This is something my friend told me about in Bali and I will forever be in her debt for this little nugget of information! There is nothing that soothes a bite quite like white tiger balm. We’ve already gone through a whole pot thanks to the fact that we seem to be extra tasty to mosquitos!

Charcoal Tablets

These have been my stomachs saviour. Everytime I’ve felt less than fresh I’ve popped a couple of charcoal tablets and within a couple of hours I’m fine! They don’t cure food poisoning but they definitely help and make it more bearable!!! These are my first port of call when I’m feeling under the weather!


And as a last resort, Immodium. You can’t not carry round Immodium when you’re eating curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner . . let me tell you that!!!

Lip Balm

Replacing my trusty Chanel lip balm with some sun friendly Malibu lip balm because no one wants burnt lips. Can you even imagine?! This one actually tastes like heaven! Does anyone else select their lip balm by taste?!


Because I may be in another country/timezone but hey, a girl still needs her social media fix!!!

Mirrored Sunglasses

Incase I need to look presentable or the perfect photo opportunity comes up! Mirrored sunglasses hide a multitude of sins and just generally make you look photo ready when you’re not feeling it!

Whats in my bag travelling editionWhats in my bag travelling edition Whats in my bag travelling edition Whats in my bag travelling edition Whats in my bag travelling edition

What are your holiday bag essentials?! Do you have a secret tip like the the Tiger Balm (is that secret or am I the only person who didn’t know this?) or a favourite product you carry around always?!

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All photos taken on my Samsung NX3000 with 45mm Lens


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