Pandora Summer Collection - Pandora Bangle - Four Seasons Chiang Mai
Any of you following me on social media will know by now that I spent a few days last week being pampered to the nines by PANDORA in the beautiful location of Chiang Mai. What’s all this in aid of you ask? Well I realise now that though I’ve announced it over on my instagram because that’s where my ambassadorship sits, I’ve never really spoken about this over here on the blog and of course I want to share all of my exciting news with you guys!

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Pandora Summer Collection - Basket Bag - Four Seasons Chiang MaiPandora Summer Collection - Four Seasons Chiang Mai

PANDORA Ambassador

So for the past 6 months I have been crowned as a PANDORA Ambassador, something as an 18 year old receiving her first PANDORA bracelet as a birthday gift I could never have even dreamt of. Let us remember that back in those days instagram didn’t even exist! So having just renewed my ambassadorship for another 6 months (yay) the lovely PANDORA ladies decided it was time to delve further into the brand and give us some more insight into what goes on behind the scenes and the process involved in making a PANDORA bracelet. PANDORA have two factories, both located in Thailand, one in Chiang Mai and one in Bangkok, the newest being the Chiang Mai factory . .  so off we went.

We spent 3 days being pampered in the Four Seasons spa, filling up on Thai food, exploring Chiang Mai, Shooting, Bonding and of course, visiting the factory and gaining a deeper understanding of the brand. Like did you know that every piece, not just charm or bracelet but piece . .  as in the clasp, the stoppers . .  everything . .  is hand made in a process that sees it go through 30 pairs of hands!? I’m not going to tell you any more about that though as there’s so much info I’ve decided to do another separate post on that! Heads up, there’ll be a few posts coming your way on all things Chiang Mai, PANDORA, Four Seasons and travel fashion/beauty so keep your eyes peeled!

Pandora Summer Collection - HM Outfit - Four Seasons Chiang MaiPandora Summer Collection - HM Maxi Dress - Four Seasons Chiang Mai

Meet The Other PANDORA Girls

So before I go on to the inevitable outfit discussion, I wanted to introduce you to the other girls who are ambassadors and came on the trip with me, we all bonded an incredible amount and I can honestly say that PANDORA ambassador or not (hopefully PANDORA ambassador) I will be friends with these girls for life.


Me and Jess have been away together in the past on press trips and we instantly clicked. She spends half of her time in London and half of her time in South Africa and her photos have single handedly got me looking at South Africa on Sky Scanner daily! I love her style and she has an absolute heart of gold!


Mariko is quite frankly super woman. Previously working as a Lawyer and blogging in her spare time she is currently on Maternity leave from her Law job with a 6 month old baby, Ayame, who can only be described as an angel. She came on the trip too of course, honorary PANDORA ambassador, and I can honestly say I didn’t hear her cry once, not even on the 11 hour flight! You should definitely check Mariko out for examples on how you can be a new mother and still look chic and pulled together, half the time she looked better than all of us put together!


Josie is someone you definitely have an idea of what she will be like from her beautiful instagram shots and elegant style but you will be wrong. She’s a nutter. The best kind. Super kind, funny, generous and probably the most hard working blogger I’ve ever met, she’s super inspirational of what hard work can get you, plus her travels are always insane, major holiday envy!

Pandora Summer Collection - Summer Style - Four Seasons Chiang MaiPandora Summer Collection - Charm Bracelet - Four Seasons Chiang Mai


This dress was the perfect choice for lunch that day! It was super humid in Chiang Mai as it’s rainy season so anything light and floaty was a winner! I added my new raffia belt, the perfect dupe of the Cult Gaia one no? for a little extra pzaz and it tied in my bag perfectly. Also these shoes (RIP – lost them on this trip to some particularly nasty smelling fish water) are the comfiest sandals I’ve ever set my feet in and will be acquiring a new pair ASAP.

*H&M Dress : Here
Belt : Here
*Made By Wave Bag : Here
Sandals : Here
*ISIF Sunglasses : Here
*Pandora Pearl Earrings : Here
*Pandora Ear Cuffs : Here
*Pandora Silver Necklaces : Here


*Gold Thin Pandora Bangle : Here
*Pandora Gold Bracelet : Here
*Pandora Gold Charms : Here
*Pandora Gold Ring (Little Finger) : Here
*Pandora Stacking Rings (Ring Finger)

1 : Here
2 : Here
3 : Here
4 : Here


*Blue Leather Pandora Bracelet : Here
*Silver Pandora Open Bangle : Here
*Pandora Circle Ring (Index Finger) : Here

*All items marked with an asterix were kindly gifted to me or purchased with vouchers gifted to me

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Pandora Summer Collection - Summer Outfit - Four Seasons Chiang MaiPandora Summer Collection - Mango Raffia Belt - Four Seasons Chiang MaiPandora Summer Collection - Made By Wave Bag - Four Seasons Chiang MaiPandora Summer Collection - Summer Outfit Idea - Four Seasons Chiang MaiPandora Summer Collection - HM Blue Maxi Dress - Four Seasons Chiang MaiPandora Summer Collection - Blue Maxi Dress - Four Seasons Chiang Mai

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