Bad Teeth

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My teeth.

Let’s just say they ain’t a pretty sight, certainly not something to shout about and you’ll notice the accompanying pictures are of sweets – my best friend and worst enemy all at the same time – rather than my actual teeth because, blog pictures are supposed to be pretty right?!

Don’t worry, you’ll see them. Not yet though. My teeth are bad teeth.

In the past year or so of my being on Youtube I’ve received multiple comments on how disgusting they are usually accompanied by a gagging emoji or an emoji with a gas mask on. Don’t get me wrong I know that there’s something wrong with my teeth I’m not blind forgodsake, I’d always wanted to do something about them but before I get into it all, I want to make a point of saying that if anything, these hate comments made me want to smother my teeth in chocolate and take a big fat selfie. They made me not want to fix my teeth just incase these small people behind computer screens thought that they had had this affect on me. They haven’t. This is for me. Which is exactly why I am doing something about it. But first lets go way back.

Sinead Crowe Teeth Story - Maison Martin Margiella Replica Scent


Ever since I was little I’ve had a sweet tooth, beyond a sweet tooth. I eat a pack of haribo like a nicotine addict chain smokes cigarettes when they’re stressed. That combined with my complete unwillingness to sleep between birth and the age of 10 – sorry mum and dad – and the consequent medicines I tried and tested have left me with awful enamel.

Fast forward 10 teeth extractions and enough silver fillings to fill a jewellers, I got a brace. Those two or three years felt like a lifetime and still haunt me to this day. I didn’t stop with the sweets, if anything I ate more, being in control of my own diet and cakes and biscuits were my fortay. I’ll always remember one trip to Leeds Festival when all I took for food were custard creams, 2 days in and my tooth cracked in half – it was like a scene from the hangover.

A crown, a deep filling and several small fillings later I was signed off work with stress and anxiety which you may be thinking, but this is about your bad teeth hun, we don’t care about that. Well this affected my teeth just as much as all of the above combined. I started to grind my teeth horrendously, something I still do now – last week I woke up and I’d been doing it so badly my cheek was all cut up. As a consequence of this, my teeth are now straight like a ruler. They have no shape and they’re getting shorter and shorter vanishing into my gums. Something I definitely don’t want to happen!

I’ve always wanted to whiten my teeth but considering the fact that a few of my front teeth have white fillings, I knew they’d look super discoloured and stand out awfully so this wasn’t an option. I wanted to get veneers but considering my teeth are in pretty bad health in general, the last thing I wanted to do was shave them all down to pegs. Ruining the only shreds of good teeth I had left.

Then I met with Dr Rhodri Thomas from Lodge Dental and everything changed.

Sinead Crowe Teeth Story - Maison Martin Margiella Replica

Starting My Journey with Lodge Dental

After battling with the fact that my teeth might never be good again, I looked into composite resin. A material that allowed dentists to build up your teeth and restore them to their former glory without permanently changing and damaging your own teeth. I’d seen a few bloggers talk about it and was really interested to see if it was something that might help me. About a week after I asked my dentist to refer me to someone, Dr Rhodri Thomas from Lodge Dental got in touch with me about none other than composite resin, had I heard of it?

To me this was almost like fate, does anyone read the secret? Hands up! So of course, I wanted to find out more and after looking into everything and chatting with Dr Rhodri Thomas about my teeth and composite resin, I decided that he sounded worth the 4 hour trip to Wales to find out what it was all about. Could he really make my teeth normal. After about 10 minutes with Rhodri I was already super excited about what the future held for me. He explained to me that not only could he help me to get the perfect smile I’d been after, but also that so many small errors had led me to have such bad teeth as it stands.

Small errors by dentists that weren’t doing their best such as a dark mark behind my front tooth because before the dentist had applied the filling, they’d left a patch of the decay behind which showed through the front of my teeth. All of these had led to an all round bad teeth situation.

So heres the plan.

Step 1 : Whiten the shizz out of my teeth
Step 2 : Replace all white fillings to match my new pearly whites
Step 3 : Re build my teeth to their former glory, post teeth grinding days

I am so excited to go on this journey and to finally have something to smile about, I promise only smiling photographs after this and I’m going to keep you guys updated along the way. I will show you before and after from now to white teeth, from white teeth to fillings and from then to the final result. Then we can compare start to finish! I also plan on doing a 6 months on video when my teeth are complete so that I can talk to you about how they are, how the process was and what I think of them when I’ve truly become used to having them!

If you have any questions please let me know and I will get back to you!

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