The Mews Bridal Notting Hill

The Mews Bridal Notting Hill

I can’t believe that the time has come that I’m actually writing the words, I’ve found my wedding dress! And not to be a cliche or anything but it’s exactly the opposite of what I thought I wanted! Of course I can’t tell you anything about the dress itself just yet but I wanted to talk to you about where I got my dress from. I tried a few different shops and I have to admit that not one of them had a patch on The Mews Bridal in Notting Hill when it came to selection, atmosphere and service.


The Mews Bridal Notting Hill - Louis Vuitton Victoire

The Mews Bridal Notting Hill

So a little disclaimer before I get into it, The Mews Bridal have overwhelmingly generously gifted me my wedding dress of my dreams which is such a generous gift I can’t even believe it! I was offered a gifted dress by a few different companies – I know, I am spoilt rotten, and I went to them all and found my dream dress at The Mews Bridal. I wasn’t influenced by the fact that I was being gifted this dress as not only had I been offered other gifted dresses but I also believe that your wedding dress should be truely special so no matter how much money I was saving, I went into trying dresses on here knowing that if I didn’t find something I was happy to pay for my own. The dress I ended up choosing is so beautiful that both myself and my mum agreed that if the mews bridal were to retract their offer of a collaboration, I would still buy it as it is “the one“. I just wanted to let you guys know this before I talk about it any further as this is after all my wedding and I want it to be a special day so I would never compromise making it truly special over saving money and I would truely recommend this store gifted dress or not.

So major disclaimer over with, let’s talk about The Mews Bridal! The store is set a few minutes walk away from Ladbroke Grove tube station in Notting Hill and like most bridal stores it is appointment only though they are super relaxed and friendly so no need to feel pressured or anything when booking an appointment. You can book appointments online which is what I ended up doing as trying to get a date when 5 busy ladies are free is a nightmare and there was a lot of back and forth and date changing!

I was actually recommended this store by Jade Beers the editor of Brides magazine. I was lucky enough to sit next to her at a dinner a few months back and consequently got the chance to quiz her on bridal designers and who she thought would be best for me. I told her I wanted something classic, simple and elegant and immediately she said “you’ll find something at The Mews Bridal” and she wasn’t wrong!

This was actually my second visit as I first went with my mum only to try on dresses at all of the stores and I wanted to leave a month or so between then and trying it on again to make sure that it was in fact the one and honestly, I loved it even more when I tried it on the second time. This may or may not be to do with the lack of fake tan the first time round. Having visited twice I got to meet both the joint owner Lauren and the manager Natasha and each of these lovely ladies made me and my bridal crew feel completely at home with champagne and a relaxed setting.

The store is absolutely gorgeous as you can see the decoration is the perfect setting for a relaxed afternoon of wedding dress trying and the smell is incredible with multiple Diptyque candles burning throughout. They stock french designers so very chic and simple with beautiful details and nothing too fussy. Have a look at the full list of their designers here. I can’t wait until I can finally share my dress with you guys!


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