The Warmest Coat You’ll Find This Season

Warmest-Coat - Sinead Crowe Autumn Street Style

Let’s be honest, we all moan about the cold and how we miss summer and how we can’t wait for it to be warm again but can we just take a moment to appreciate coat weather and all of the magnificent wardrobe opportunities it brings. A wise woman once said, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just being badly dressed. Which is why my friends, you need the warmest coat you can find and I’ll save you the bother because I’ve already found it.

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Warmest Coat - Warehouse Coat - Sinead Crowe Autumn Street Style Warmest Coat - Maxi Fur Coat - Sinead Crowe Autumn Street Style

The Warmest Coat You’ll Find This Season

I saw someone walking down regent street in this coat a few weeks ago and I said to myself, I need that coat. And well, what the lady wants the lady gets. Getting cold is a hazard of the job, shooting in the freezing cold is a regular occurrence and if you can’t immediately don a dressing gown in the streets of London then this has to be the next best thing. The lady in question was wearing it with black jeans, a lightweight black knit and loafers, very chic and a look I’ve already planned to copy. But the beauty of a coat this long and warm is that you can wear it with A N Y T H I N G. Partially because it’s a neutral and it genuinely does go with anything ( I wore it over a ballgown las weekend) but also because it’s so darn warm you could have hot pants underneath and still feel the benefits of being snug as a bug.

I wanted to also give special mention to these leopard print tights, 100% not something I could ever have imagined myself wearing but my goodness do I love them? They’re SO cool and for a super simple neutral outfit like this they add a real pzaz! You guys better watch out because I’ll be wearing them loads more and if you want more ideas on how to wear them I actually did a video with 5 outfit ideas here!

Also had to address the jumper situation because how cute does that roll neck look layered under the jumper? definitely rocking that again in the future and also now investing in a roll neck in every colour to wear under all of my low cut jumpers, winter is not the time for anything low cut.


*Fur Maxi Coat : Here
*Cream Jumper : Here
*Pink Polo Neck : Here
*Denim Skirt : Here
*Tights : Here
*Boots : Here
Bag : Here
*Earrings : Here

*All Items Marked With An Asterix Were Kindly Gifted To Me

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Warmest Coat - Fur Maxi Coat - Sinead Crowe Autumn Street StyleWarmest Coat - Faux Fur Maxi Coat - Sinead Crowe Autumn Street StyleWarmest Coat - Brown Fur Coat - Sinead Crowe Autumn Street StyleWarmest-Coat-Amazon-Fur-Coat - Sinead Crowe Street Style Warmest-Coat-Amazon-Coat - Sinead Crowe Street Style

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  1. Natalya Amour
    12th November 2018 / 10:29 am

    That is such a gorgeous coat!

  2. petiteelliee
    13th November 2018 / 3:33 pm

    OMG that coat is GAWGEOUS!!

    Ellie xx

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