What To Buy For Black Friday

So I did a post about my black friday tips or hacks if you will, to make sure that you get those wishlist pieces at the best price possible. But now? Now we’ve got to get to work on picking out those pieces, making your list and checking it twice! I’ve done a little list on the areas I always stick to on black friday to make sure i get the best deals and don’t end up wasting money on things that I a/ will never use or b/ don’t actually want.

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What To Buy For Black Friday


I always try and get a list of what I’m getting everyone sorted before black friday so that I can get their gifts all wrapped up and in the bag in the sales. When the sales break I’ve got a post ready to go with my top 5 spots for gifting so make sure you keep an eye out for that one! But 100% amazon is where i go for the men in my life and then theres stores like Pandora and Feel Unique for the ladies or Net-A-Porter for something a little bit more luxury.

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This is the one that I always keep an eye out for to treat myself. For most black friday/christmas sales/summer sales I always head straight to the acne knitwear section as I love it so much but can never quite justify spending £300 on a jumper. Somehow around £150 seems so much more reasonable, again like I said in my black friday hacks post, having a price of what you’re willing to pay in mind is always a good idea so you don’t end up going over budget! Another great thing to invest in is denim. I’ve had my eye on a pair of RE DONE jeans for so so long and I might just treat myself when black friday rolls round this year.

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This is something I always always do and recommend you do too! If you have a foundation or a bronzer you use all of the time then stock up baby! I have this one die hard product I haven’t stopped using in 2 years, without a fail I use it everyday and it’s the Clinique contour chubby stick. Clinique might not go into black friday but there are so many other stores like feel unique and look fantastic that sell Clinique, that I’ll be using one of my own black friday hacks and saving the product on each site so that on the day I can find the best price available and then buy 10.

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Homeware is another thing that I feel doesn’t really go out of style. Yes there are homeware trends but I don’t know about you, but I don’t have enough space to be switching my cushions out every time a different shade of pink becomes the new hottest thing. I’ve just moved into a new home so there’s some big items like a bedroom chair, some dining chairs, shelves and a lamp that I still need to get. I’ve actually been waiting until black friday as they weren’t urgent and if I’m buying them anyway then I may as well get discount right?! Again no one knows what will go into sale but it’s worth having an idea of what you want before hand to save the frantic rush and inevitable panic buys.

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Electricals are a big thing for black friday, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t it all start around electricals? I have vivid images in my head of people fighting over a tv in a 24 hour asda on the news. Sounds like my idea of hell, which is why I always do it from the comfort of my own home. If you need any electricals then it’s 100% the time to buy as you can get such great deals on them. We still haven’t got a TV for our flat so this is top priority for black friday shopping and I just got my hair cut so I want to buy one of the hot roller brush tools for styling it. I was about to buy it this morning then had to stop myself and remind myself it’s black friday next week! I also know of people who have got great deals on laptops and macbooks on black friday so if there’s anything you’re thinking of upgrading then 100% think about it fast as now is the time!


So we’ve gone over every area that I think is a good investment to buy on black friday, now let’s talk about the outfit you’ll probably wear once. The new years eve outfit. This is a great thing to get on black friday if you’re already super organised and know what you’ll be doing for new years eve! I personally know I’ll either be sat in with my dog or having a dinner party as I rarely leave her, fire works and all that! Doesn’t mean I won’t still be dressing up to the nines! Sites like missguided, asos and topshop always have amazing black friday deals and are where I usually go for my NYE outfit inspo. I also did a video recently on party looks with all asos pieces so make sure you check that out if you want to get your NYE outfit and don’t have a clue what to wear yet!

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*This blog post contains affiliate links, this means that for each sale made through one of my links I make a small amount of commission. All costs come directly from the retailer and do not affect you or cost you in any way. It’s just a way of me making a few extra pennies that help me to make fun content for you guys without having it sponsored!

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