I know I can’t be the only blogger who deals with this and if you don’t then you’re a bloody saint, envy. I mean, don’t get me wrong the blogging community is ridiculously friendly and helpful and everyday I’m astounded at how much people help each other out. There truly is room for everyone and most bloggers are more than happy to share their secrets and help one another out. Despite this, I constantly find myself comparing my instagram feed to someone else’s theirs is so clean! They have so many followers on twitter and more comments on their blog. At the end of the day these kind of thoughts are completely ridiculous and serve only to bring you down, they’re 100% counter productive! I feel like it’s even more obvious for me at the moment when I’m seeing how many people are jetting off to NYFW, PFW, MFW and even to our very own LFW. I often have to remind myself that I’ve not even been doing this for a year and as a wise man once said “don’t compare your beginning to somebody else’s middle or end“. I really need to take my own advice and remember that actually, I should be proud of what I’ve achieved in such a short time period! Go me! Do you suffer from the occasional spout of envy? What do you do to deal with it? Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’

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50 Shades of Brown

I thought 50 shades of brown was quite an apt name for this post as I pretty much look like the brown paint swatch section in Homebase. I got this skirt from Primark and I’m pretty sure it was like £8? Even as I’m saying this I’m thinking it’s wrong but no, I’m quite sure it was under a tenner which is clearly why I couldn’t say no, duh! I think you can totally get away with wearing skirts with bare legs when you wear boots and a jumper, I’ve seen so many bloggers with knee length boots which look perfect for wearing a skirt in winter. I’m not really a tights kinda gal, no offence if you love them but I just think they’re so gross! Definitely a last resort slash only suitable for work in my opinion!!I’m loving how coordinated my look is here, the sunglasses, scarf and skirt look made for each other. I’d love to say I planned it but I definitely didn’t. Also, how amazing are these khaki boots from River Island? I can already tell these will be stuck to my feet all winter! What do you think of my all brown look? I’d love to hear what you think! Jumper : Zara Old (Similar Here) | Scarf : Zara | Skirt : Primark  | Boots : River Island | *Sunglasses : Zero UV | Bag : Zara Sold Out

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September Haul

I thought I would do a little September haul post for you guys as you seemed to really like my Stockholm Haul! I love hearing feedback from you so feel free to drop me a comment and let me know if there’s anything you want to see more of or anything you want me to do that I’m not already! I’ve definitly bought more than this but these are my more memorable pieces and the ones that I know I’ll be loving all autumn right through to winter! I’m looking at the amount of shoes here (bear in mind these aren’t the only ones) and thinking it’s slightly out of control and perhaps I need to get some more space to store these beauts! River Island I’m not usually one to shop in River Island but a couple of weeks ago when I was having a wonder around Cambridge I popped in to have a quick look. I’m so glad I did! I usually write RI off, they do nice bags but they’re always emblazoned with the huge logo and their clothes are usually a bit much for a jeans and t shirt kinda gal like me, but I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself in the shoe department. Savvy shopper I am, I remembered that I had a 25% off voucher from my ELLE magazine and went home to order online – free delivery and 25% – who could resist? I’ve wanted a pair of these flats for forever I literally try them on in every store I see them and then put them back, they either make my feet look too long (I’m a size 8) or they’re too expensive. 1) these were £28 (£21 with my voucher) 2) I fit into a size 7 which is enough to make my buy any pair of shoes! The boots were just an impulse buy because at £45 (£37 with my voucher) for real suede you can’t say no! I also love the colour and the pointy chelsea boot style. Linzi Shoes I was lucky enough to be sent these, shout out to the lovely girls over at Linzi Shoes HQ for sorting me out with these beauties! They are honestly so comfortable, I wore them the other day for work and they didn’t hurt one bit – bear in mind I am on my feet all day! I honestly love everything about them, the heel, the wrap detailing, the colour I’ve actually worn these more than my RI ones! You can see me wearing them in my Three Ways to wear post here.Forever 21 I’m pretty sure I’ve already raved about this on here already, but here we go again. Nineteen pounds!!! for the perfect denim shirt, in my opinion anyway! I’ve wanted a denim shirt for so long but I hate the western-ish style. You know the dipped hem and the tailoring, it looks great on other people but it just isn’t my style and apparently it’s all anywhere…

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Autumn Winter Inspiration

I am absolutely loving the weather change because we all know that with a weather change, comes a wardrobe change. Nothing drastic will be happening in my wardrobe colour wise ( as you can tell from my inspirational photos!!) but I’m all about texture when it comes to autumn winter. I’m super excited about suede this season, I’m currently shopping around for a beautiful suede coat, slash saving my pennies for a beautiful suede coat. I’m sure if you’ve been following my blog you’ll know how much I love my suede biker so I can tell I’ll get so much wear out of a coat version! I love this look with the knitted two piece, I don’t really know if I can pull it off to be honest. I’m pretty safe when it comes to the bottom half and tend to stick to jeans or a mini skirt. I’m definitely going to try and branch out though! Maybe this season will be the time for me!This is definitely my favourite board I put together, is anyone else loving the texture of these teddy bear coats? It’s like a chicer version of the fur coat. The cut of this one is incredible and I’m pretty sure a Chloe Faye bag would finish the look off perfectly.. Jack if you’re reading this it would make a great Christmas present! What are your favourite pieces this Autumn Winter? Have you got your eye on anything yet? 1-Vila Knitted Cape Jumper – Asos | 2-Striped Suede Skirt – Topshop | 3-V-Back Sweater Dress – Forever 21 | 4-Double Breasted Tailored Long Wool Coat Mauve – Missguided | 5-Knitted Roll Neck Jumper Grey – Missguided | 6-Chunky Jumper With High Neck And Moving Rib – Asos | 7-Teddy Shearling Wool Coat Camel – Missguided | 8-Waffle Knit Turtleneck Sweater – Forever 21 | 9-Textured Boxy Overcoat – Forever 21 | 10-River Island Striped Roll Neck Jumper – Asos | 11-Cocoon Coat in Borg – Asos | 12-Saddle Bag – Next    

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How to get a good night’s sleep

I’ve never really had a great relationship with sleep. I’ve alway’s struggled to drift off right from when I was a small child to recently when I went through a period of severe anxiety, I found it almost impossible! Over time I’ve found a few effective ways of helping to relax and in my mind, when you’re relaxed your more likely to get to sleep right? Anyway, I thought I would share some of my tips for a more relaxing and peaceful night’s sleep! Clean Bedding Obviously this is the most obvious one out there, nothing makes you sleep like a baby than the scent of freshly washed sheets. Wrapped up in a crispy cocoon of washing powder will send anyone into a deep sleep! Lavender My Mum brought me this amazing spray from Avon called Sleep Serenity, I’m sure there are other variations out there but I find this one amazing. It’s not too lavender-y and is supposed to (and does in my opinion) help you drift off as the scent helps to relax you. Write a Journal Now this is something I always cringe at, who writes a journal for one and secondly, surely it’s just asking for trouble? Your Mum will definitely read it and you’re so going to get grounded! Anyway, seen as I’m 25 years old now and my Mum can’t ground me I guess I’m safe to start one! Someone at work told me about this technique which I’ve recently started and it really helps. My main problem with getting to sleep is that I have so much wizzing round in my head so every night now, even if I don’t have anything major to report on I write at least 3 pages and just empty my head onto the paper. It really helps to just clear your mind, which brings me on to the next point. Write Lists I’m a huge fan of lists, there’s nothing quite like the pleasure you get from ticking off something on a list when you’ve completed the task! I also find that writing lists is a good way of keeping things out of your mind, you’re not having to constantly remember 100,000 things and by writing a list you can prioritise things and feel like you’re life’s in order! Herbal Tea I love drinking tea and it has been known for me to have up to 5 cups a day, I know it’s disgusting but I honestly have a problem. Anyway, I try not to drink tea after 3pm – ish so that it doesn’t keep me awake (this goes for you coffee drinkers as well!) The one thing I miss is the cup of tea before bed, I feel like having a nice warm cup of tea helps you to get all cosy and sleepy. This is when I turn to herbal teas, my favourite is definitely peppermint but camomile is supposed to be the best for relaxing you if you can bear the taste! Anything caffine…

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