Winter Coat Inspiration

If you follow me on any form of social media then you’ll be all too aware that I’ve been bed bound with the flu for the past week (and still going) so it will come as no surprise that I’ve decided to do a few inspirational posts. i.e. – posts I can do without taking my own photographs! I can’t lie, I do always love doing these posts but just a pre warning here, they are extremely dangerous to the bank account, unless of course you hate my style in which case. . why are you here? Anyway! Here’s some of the winter coats I’ve been loving on Pinterest at the moment, including these insane fur coats, I’m in love. Please please please can Zara do another amazing Acne dupe but in fur? this one is too amazing! Love the idea of a fur bomber! Who doesn’t need a camel coat? Investment piece right? Love the ankle duster styles though with my lanky legs I’m going to have to go to somewhere like long tall sally to achieve this look! I’m pretty sure I’ve got one of these on the way in the post – oops! I’m so excited about the next part because I’ve learnt to do something so cool! you can click on the pictures (or plus signs if they’re still there? I’m working on getting rid of them!) and it will take you straight to the coat I’ve got a picture of! Seriously proud of myself for learning to do that (it was not hard). Anyway, these are my favourites, love the mink coloured fur from Forever 21! I’ve also put them all together below! Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin, I’ve got so much exciting stuff to come when I’m well enough to shoot so you don’t want to miss out!

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Mac Make up Haul

This week I popped into Harrods to look at some Mac Concealer, 1 hour later and £100.00 lighter I’ve brought my first grown up make up. Or should I say, non drug store make up. I have had bits and pieces from other brands such as the touch eclait from YSL (which by the way I don’t know why people rave about so much) but never a full set. When I say full set, I picked up a foundation, concealer and setting powder… and some brushes. I couldn’t resist getting the whole lot when I looked at what she’d done, I mean, I looked good. AND it didn’t wear off! Which to me is all I want in make up! I’ve always steered clear of Mac make up, I kind of stereotyped it into the sort of make up the girls who plaster it on wear. As someone who prefers a more natural look I just didn’t see it working for me but honestly, they have so many types of different foundation etc and all I’ve ever seen people use it the Studio Fix Foundation which is super thick!When I took my chair to get my concealer, I was told that first of all, I’ve been putting it on wrong. I’m someone who is super self conscious of my eye bags, I know most people don’t probably notice them but for me they’re all I see when I look at my face. She actually told me that by plastering on the concealer I’m making it look like I have a LOT more to cover up than I actually do. I also put my concealer on after my foundation which apparently is a big no no! She then said about putting a foundation on because she wiped mine off, this is when I opened up about my phobia of Mac foundations. I told her I wanted something that gave me an even skin tone and would last all day without being too heavy, I wanted a sort of ‘soft and dewy’ look, something that would give me a glow. When she finished the look off with the powder I was sold on all 3, of course I had to have the brushes to put it all on with too! I also thought I would include this cute contouring Palette I got sent from IntheStyle as I used it in the below look. It’s super handy for contouring though I’m still not sure if I have the hang of it! Remember if you get anything from IntheStyle use the code SIN10 for 10% off anything online! How cute does it all look with my Kendall Bralette from elcy clothing? You can also get 10% off any of their products with the code ‘lovestylemindfulness’ So there you have it, my make up collection has begun, I couldn’t resist indulging in some selfies after I applied to show you what it looked like! The lighting is quite bad due to it always being horrible outside at the minute…

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Blogging Tips

How to create the perfect flatlay

I’m definitely more of a flat lay kinda gal than a selfie taker when it comes to instagram. Obviously as a stylist I have a huge advantage when it comes to creating flatlays. A general understanding of negative space, colour and how things look on camera really helps when getting the perfect shot. I actually created these flatlays for a Bali Body competition #bbgetslayed, the task is to create an image using Bali Body. As it’s something I personally associate with holidays I thought I would base the shoot around my other favourite item, my new Triangl Bikini. This ones the Brigitte style in Moondance – definitely my favourite so far! Like the selfie, behind every flatlay is probably about 50 photographs! You have to get the right angle, make sure everything’s in and even just moving a nail varnish 1cm to the left can make a huge difference – ok, so I’m a perfectionist! This is one of the first images I took, and actually I love the simplicity of it. It’s also great because it tells a story, ‘off to the beach’ obviously I wasn’t off to the beach, I was in my pyjamas on a rainy tuesday afternoon but you get the idea! Here’s some of my top tips for creating the perfect flatlay: Background Make sure you use a fairly plain background that will make you’re objects pop. it’s great to use something that can add texture if you’re theme will allow it! I have a sheepskin rug that I love to use but it just wouldn’t look right with a bikini and tanning oil! Tell a story Use objects that help to tell a story, I’ve used a book tanning oil and a bikini for the above photo. The below photo is more of a colour theme which also works really nicely, I thought I would put in a few of the other shot’s I took with this set up to show how many times I changed the arrangement to get the one I liked the most! Angle Make sure you use the birds eye angle for the perfect flatlay. I do like to use unusual angles for close ups on details but I think that the birds eye view works best for a shot with a lot of different items and helps to give a good perspective. Use the negative space I always think of the empty space around the items as being as much a part of your image as the items themselves. Empty space is good, use it to your advantage! In this case less is definitely more! Use proportion This was a new one for me though I guess I had been using it without realising for a while, using proportion. Using a few different items of different shapes and sizes creates a really nice effect and shows the actual size of things. Remember the crop If you’re taking the photograph for instagram then make sure you remember how the image will…

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My Everyday Uniform

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I seem to have developed a form of uniform for my everyday dressing. Kind of like Homer Simpson and his blue jeans, white shirt combo, I have certain pieces or styles that I’ll find myself wearing time and time again. It definitely depends on the time of year, but at the moment I’m living in chunky jumpers and jeans. I’ve also recently re-discovered my Topshop brogues which I love wearing with my new Next jeans. The jeans are slightly baggier so have a kind of mannish look to them which works really well with the brogues!   I’ve voiced my love for khaki more than enough times on here so it’ll come as no surprise that I chose a khaki jumper to show what I wear most days! Even though it’s now nearly mid November it’s still not really cooled down a huge amount, I’ll always throw on a chunky scarf when I’m not sure if I’ll be warm enough. I really want to get into the festive mood but it’s hard when it just isn’t cold? I don’t understand why the weather won’t let us have proper seasons! I was sent this bag from Pauls Boutique and I’m not usually one for a bag that occupies my hands. I like to have something on my shoulder and always imagined a hand held bag as being too annoying. I have actually fallen in love with this style though, it fit’s my new macbook in which is a huge plus and because it’s so simple and nude it goes with pretty much everything. I always feel really smart when I wear it as well because it’s a more structured style.What do you think to my new addition to the khaki collection, this jumper from Sammy Dress? I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be three quarter length sleeves or if it’s just because I’m super lanky? I do love the colour and the chunky knits. I way prefer roll necks too, I always think they’re so flattering on me because I have a small chest, I always go for the higher neck option! I’ve also just realised my total lack of ironing on this jumper – I’m embarrassed but I can’t re shoot so.. sorry guys! What’s your everyday uniform? Do you have a go to outfit or style that you just know works and always find yourself reaching for? Leave me a comment and let me know!  *Jumper : Sammy Dress | *Scarf : Like Mary | Jeans : Next | Brogues : Topshop Old| *Bag : Pauls Boutique If you liked this post then head on over to Bloglovin and give me a follow!

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Party wear with Farfetch

So the other day I was contacted by Farfetch about entering a competition with them, all  I had to do was plan my perfect designer party outfit. I mean – it’s hardly a task when it’s something I pretty much do all of the time anyway! I’m quite a simple dresser and generally prefer to go for things with an interesting cut or texture rather than bright, more showy items! So I’ve gone for a black, white and gold outfit with plenty of different textures. I had far too much fun doing this! Please can I have the outfit now? If you feel like treating yourself I’ve added the links below:

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