The High St Chanel Dupes You Need For Under £50

Chanel Dupes Clear Mules - Chanel PVC Mules - Summer Street Style - Mykonos

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So, I’ve been eyeing up those PVC Chanel sandals for a while now, you know the ones Josefine has, the ones with the dust bag so good it almost makes buying the shoes worth the money? And I have to say I’ve come pretty darn close to making the purchase a few times now and I am so glad that I didn’t because guys, the high street has come though with a £48 dupe so good in two different colour ways and I am here for it!

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Chanel Dupes - Chanel PVC Mules - Dune Black Quilted BumbagHigh Street Chanel Dupes - Chanel PVC Mules

The High St Chanel Dupes You Need For Under £50

It’s not that I don’t love the Chanel sandals, believe me I do, but £800 on plastic shoes is a lot. These babies have it all, they’ve got the clear heel, the white edging (or snake if you prefer) and the same heel height. Someone pass me a sharpie so I can write CHA NEL on them. Those shoes are definitely iconic and don’t get me wrong if I had enough disposable income to be buying £800 plastic shoes then I would be there in a hot minute. But sometimes you’ve just got to look to the high street, especially when they’re doing some amazing things like this!

These babies are only £48, yes, I’m shook. I recommend buying now before the rest of the internet and let’s all figure out a way of sewing the Chanel letters on later yeah? Just kidding, kinda. They look pretty perfect without the Chanel letters and I loved them on holiday with neutral outfits! I can’t wait to wear them now I’m back with a low key outfit like jeans and a t shirt. If you didn’t already then make sure you check out my previous post on the best PVC shoes, this was of course before these angels came into my life and onto the world wide web.


Top (gift – small) : Here
Shorts (gift – Small) : Here
Shoes (gift – true to size) : Here
Bum Bag (gift) : Here
Sunglasses: Here

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Head Over Heels Chanel Dupes - Chanel PVC MulesChanel Dupes Clear Mules - Chanel PVC Mules - Summer Style - MykonosChanel Dupes - Chanel PVC Mules - LPA Linen TopChanel Dupes - Chanel PVC Mules - Revolve Summer Outfit


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