I’ve never been to LFW before so I decided to go on the most tame days the Thursday and Friday, and skipped the shows to ease myself in with just events and hangouts. Don’t get me wrong, shows would have been amazing and I do regret passing up the opportunity after going down there, but at the time I just felt anxious and uncomfortable about the whole thing and wanted to be comfortable so that I could actually enjoy it! Coat : Next Old // *Top : Boohoo // *Belt : Boohoo // Jeans : Asos // Shoes : Topshop // Watch : Larsson &  Jennings Deciding What To Wear For LFW I had a real mare when I was deciding what to wear for LFW. So basically, it started on Thursday at the Boohoo Gifting lounge when I decided that anyone who’s anyone is more out there at LFW so therefore I needed to dress differently to my usual style. I tried on around 50 different things and surprise surprise I came out with a white top and a grey top . . really?! I ordered these jeans and thought, I’ll wear them with the top it’s fine it will look great and when they arrived I just did not feel LFW ready, I was so boring, I was so me. After ordering these man repelling shoes (my boyfriend practically cried when I told him it wasn’t a joke – which he thought it was) I loved it all together but I felt like it was too me to wear to LFW. Anyway, after having a good old fashioned instagram stalk of what people were wearing I was surprised to see some of the people who’s style I identify with the most were pretty laid back in their style, which made me realise that it’s fine to just be you. So eventually I settled for this look with a coat courtesy of Sue Crowe, It’s nothing particularly fancy but it’s me and I felt comfortable in it! I always find that when I’m comfortable I have more confidence which after all is the most flattering thing you can wear – cringe. Anyway, I didn’t put the arms through the sleeves and if that doesn’t scream fashion I don’t know what does. I love this shot of me and Liv from LivinFashion twinning in our granny shoes. Yes, they’re so beautiful we decided to just wear them, because . . fashion. I have to admit her tanned feet like a damn site better in them than my pasty feet do, mine look like a genuine grandmas feet, no offence to any grandmas. All photography by Liv Blankson Shop The Look Post LFW Breakfast with Farfetch I thought I would add in my little post LFW breakfast with Farfetch as it’s all part of the festivities and the location, The Wolsley Hotel is just a sight to be seen! I’m talking mirrored doors, gold banisters, high ceilings and marble floors. It was all I could do not to get up…

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Look Book // My Favourite Outfits

My third Youtube video and my first ever Lookbook! Have a look and let me know what you think! If you’re a fan of me and my blog its a great way to get to know me and my personality as it doesn’t always shine through on my blog! I hope it does though! But maybe not as easily! If you are loving what you’re seeing then make sure you hit subscribe as I’m hoping to do lots more videos on a weekly basis! I would also love to hear any video’s you want to see and want me to do!!!

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Blogging Tips

5 Steps To A Killer Blog Title

I’m gonna go ahead and say it, I think that you’re blog title is possibly, no definitely the most important part of your post. Now I only really realised this a couple of months ago and boy have I seen the benefits. My friends, you need to cross on over to the bright side and ride the gravy train of a good blog title and you’ll soon see what I mean. When I first started blogging I stopped my mindfulness posts sharpish because no body was clicking on them, they just did not care. So I presumed all that people were interested in was my style and resigned myself to a life of OOTD posts. Recently, I’ve actually discovered that now my mindfulness and positivity posts are the ones with the best responses. Yes I have bloomed and now have a following but these ones are bringing in new readers and guess what? They’re staying! So, I’m not just here to brag about how amazing I am at writing blog titles and how you should really go figure that one out for yourself, of course, as always (I hope) I’m here to share the wealth. Things To Consider When Choosing Your Blog Title Grab The Readers Attention This is THE most important thing when you’re writing the blog title, and it’s so obvious, so I know you’re probably thinking duh. But I used to use words that sounded intriguing and related in some way to the post like texture and black, let me tell you now, unless you’ve got an almighty following your not going to get many people click on that! If I saw a post names texture there’s no way I’m clicking on it, I don’t care who you are or whether I follow you already or not. It just does nothing for me. Now I always take time to consider which title would draw the reader in and make them want to see the full story. I also like to add numbers in the title wherever possible, I just think 5 top SEO tips is more eye catching than SEO tips, add in the words ridiculously easy and you’ve got yourself something people are going to want to click on! Use Google Trends Google Trends is something I’m still getting to grips with myself. You can basically search what your key word should be, which by the way should always be in your blog title. So when you open it, there’ll be some info on what’s currently trending and the most talked about topics, you can then search your title or keyword to see if it’s something people are searching and whether it’s worth re thinking. If In Doubt Google Autocomplete I used this one before on my 5 Ridiculously Easy SEO Tips post, but I thought I’d throw it in again because, 1 – it’s relevant, and 2 – why not? Google Autocomplete is a bit like Google Trends but more for when you don’t have a clue on what to use as your title or…

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Why I Will Always Be A Denim Girl

Sometimes, when something is staring you in the face you’ve just got to hold your hands high, stop fighting it and admit to the world that you’re a denim girl. I’ve tried other trousers, I have and they just don’t look right, nothing will ever win my heart like a pair of jeans and I’ve finally decided to stop fighting it and just accept the fact that me and jeans are forever, what I’m trying to say is, jeans are my baes. *Shirt : Next // Jeans : Next // *Heels : Public Desire // *Bag : Pauls Boutique Why Being A Denim Girl is Great Jeans are Comfy If your jeans aren’t comfortable, you just ain’t doing it right. Jeans are the ultimate in style and comfort, this may be going overboard but I would probably go so far to say that you could sleep in jeans. This may be a bold statement but I’m standing by it. Denim is great in everything Denim is not just for jeans. Denim Girls enjoy the likes of denim skirts, denim shirts, denim t-shirts, denim dresses. Double denim is a denim girls dream and can be achieved in multiple ways. There’s a Plethora of Styles Talking jeans here, jeans come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. I have to admit I may be a self confessed denim girl but till now I’ve only had the pleasure of wearing the skinny jean. Recently I’ve found myself wearing boyfriend jeans and mom jeans alongside my old favourite skinnies, watch. this. space. I’m on a roll. No One does smart casual like Denim Does Denim is the ultimate in smart casual, this outfit being a prime example. Smart casual + jeans with heels = the perfect combo. Denim is Bae Come and be a denim girl with me, the grass is so much greener over here. Shop The Post   Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin’ for more fashion, beauty and mindfulness post along with lots of my top blogging tips!! I’m also now on Youtube where you can find out more about the person behind the blog!! Subscribe here!

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My Guide To Matte Lips On a Budget // Review

It’s official, matte lips are officially a thing. When it comes to trying out new beauty things, I’m not the most adventurous, hell I’ve only just started wearing eye shadow and guess what colour it is? NUDE. So I like to start by trying out a budget version, hence the post “matte lips on a budget”. I’ve spent the past few weeks collecting different shades and brands of matte lips, ok 4, if there’s more than two that’s a collection to me! All for blogging purposes of course, because I just knew you guys would want me to try them all and let you know, and I never like to let people down. Ok, I wanted them. Matte Lips On A Budget NYX – Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp So this one’s been judged the most for two reasons. Firstly, I had high expectations. NYX is like a buzzword in make up at the moment and I feel like this matte lip cream is something people are raving about in particular so I had high expectations. Secondly, the colours on Asos were not clear and I ordered what I thought was a pinky nude which came as a pinky red and I ain’t one for bright colours! It definitely doesn’t go on as smoothly as the other products however, it does smell like butterscotch and if i’m putting something in and around my mouth it better taste/smell nice. Just realised what that sounded like. It is actually a really nice colour though, like I will actually consider wearing this colourful lip cream kind of nice. The colour is really thick? I don’t speak beauty, but basically, it’s vibrant with just one layer. MUA Luxe – Velvet Laquer in Tranquility This one smells a bit like hubba bubba’s in a disgustingly sickly kind of way. I went to get this after I went into Space NK looking for a matte lip and the girl suggested trying a cheap one before pointing me in the direction of the nearest Superdrug with the name of this brand. If I’m not mistaken it’s actually Superdrugs own brand but I might be completely wrong! Anyway, it was only £3.00 and when a tester is still on your hand after numeral scrubs and hand washes a day later, it’s a winner. That is some staying power! I love the pinky brown colour look, just up my street! For the price this one is incredible, the epitome of great matte lips on a budget! Bourjois – Rouge Edition Velvet in Don’t Pink of It This has to be my favourite because the colour is just b-e-a-utiful and it goes on like a dream. It was more than any of the others at £8.99 but totally worth it! I now carry it in my handbag at all times, just in case. It’s also just got a general nice make up/ lip product smell, you know the one – am I the only one who cares about how their make up smells? Sleek Makeup – Matte Me in Birthday Suit For price,…

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