.. without looking like you think you’re still 17. Okay, maybe not 17 but you get the idea. At the ripe old age of 25 I don’t really feel like baring too much on the stomach front but theres just so many nice crop tops out there. I had to work out my own way of wearing them without showing the world what I had for dinner! I couldn’t resist this suede crop top from Another Eight, it’s in such a warm winter colour and a suede top is such a great way of adding texture to an outfit. Side note – just checked out their website again and oh em gee how cute is this bag? Love a good box bag! Cardigan : Charity Shop| *Top : Another Eight | *Jeans : IntheStyle | *Shoes : IntheStyle | Bag : Zara – Back in stock guys so get there quick! I’m a big fan of oversized things and a more, relaxed kinda look so as it’s a fairly tight crop top (when I say fairly tight I mean I couldn’t breathe for the duration of this shoot) I thought I would layer it up with my favourite charity shop find, the camel cardigan. I have linked a nice chunky one from Missguided but mines a one off I’m afraid so unless you’re prepared to trawl charity shops for your own your gonna have to buy that one. I think it’s physically impossible for an outfit to not look chic and pulled together with this Zara bag. When I first brought it I had trouble handing over 90 sheets for a bag from Zara but honestly, you need it, it’s totally worth it and it keeps selling out so go and buy it now for your own good! I’m definitely not happy with the amount of stomach on show in this photograph but I don’t think it’s possible to edit jeans to look more high waisted and quite frankly if it is possible I don’t know how. How nice are these shoes by the way? I love the lace up style with a closed toe. I’m sure you can tell I’m a fan of a lace up on pretty much anything, but all of my lace up shoes are open toe which isn’t exactly practical in this weather. I’m also loving the colour, I know they don’t exactly go with the top but I think it’s a kind of nice clash.. maybe? What do you think does it totally not go? *Gold Bangle (left) : Melinda Maria | *Gold Bangle (right) : Melinda Maria | *Nail Varnish : Zoya Love these jeans sent to me by IntheStyle (and the shoes ) totally wouldn’t have gone for this style of jean myself but they’re actually so nice and add a bit of interest if you’re just wearing a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt – which I usually am lets face it. If you decide to treat yourself to a pair or something else from…

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How to Nail Christmas Gifting

Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb Perfume | Melinda Maria Gold Rings | Elcy Clothing Alexa Bralette | Candy Flower Cat Ears | Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brush | Chanel Compact Mirror | Madotta Marble Phone Case | Urban Watch Pastel Pink | Sigma 3DHD Precision Brush | So if like me you’ve only just realised that it’s exactly a month tomorrow until Christmas.. shut the front.. I know! Then I’m here to save your ass.. kinda. I’ve put together a fail safe gifting guide – but only for women so I’m sorry about that but I can’t be good at everything now can I? If I’m honest I had far too much fun making this and it may or may not be a silent shout out (hi Mum) about what I myself would love to open on Christmas day. Can’t blame a girl for trying! Anyway, if you don’t know what to get your Mum, sister or girlfriend then I’ve got you covered! Dressing Gown | How to be Parisian Book | Diptyque Candle | Anya Hindmarch Letter I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a fluffy, white, towelling robe on Christmas day? I’m pretty sure it’s a failsafe gift, I’ve linked a nicely priced one from New Look but if you’ve got the budget then The White Company do some uh-mazing ones! Another failsafe gift for any woman in her right mind is candles. You can never have too many candles and that is a fact. I’m going to let you into a secret here though, the look and the smell matter just as much. Now I know Yankee Candles have some pretty amazing scents but they aren’t exactly easy on the eye. You know you’re friend/mum/girlfriend better than me but personally I love a candle I can put on show! If the lady in question has a particular interest, books are always a lovely gift. I personally love big glossy hardback books or coffee table books, they’re not only interesting to read but a lovely thing to own. Topshop and Urban Outfitters always have good ranges in their gift sections. For the girl who has everything, and is a little bit quirky, I love these Anya Hindmarch letter stickers, they look great on your purse, handbag, phone case, diary.. anywhere you can stick them really! Bralette : Elcy Clothing Esme Bralette  | Charbonnel et Walker Chocolates | Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf Lingerie is always a winner when it comes to Christmas, I would steer clear of bra sizes unless you’re 100% sure! Something pretty like this Esme Bralette from Elcy Clothing is perfect as it’s ties with ribbon so shouldn’t cause too many issues if you get the wrong size – its virtually impossible! Of course no wish list would be complete without perfume and chocolates. Flower bomb is my ultimate favourite scent, I always get compliments when I wear it! And when I say Chocolates, I don’t just mean any chocolates. Charbonnel et Walker are the King of chocolates and you ticket to a one way trip to…

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My Favourite Outfits

So I’ve been blogging for approximately 8 months now and the majority of those posts have been outfit posts, so I thought I would do a little look back at some of my personal favourites. Ok you got me – I’m still ill and I need content. But I have actually been meaning to do a post like this for a while so it’s just been moved forward because of the flu.. can you let me off? Anyway, these are my favourites, my top one is 100% the rust jumper I picked up from Sweden, it’s the first shoot I did with Alex and it’s still my favourite shot! I also love the denim skirt with the camel cardigan, i think transitional outfits will always be my favourites! I’ll link all of the pieces I’m wearing beneath each outfit or as similar as I can find if they’re sold out as some of these are pretty old! don’t forget you can scroll along – I’ve linked loads! I’m not being funny but does anyone else think that this bag just makes any outfit? i’ve had it for nearly a year and it just never get’s old – I think it will always be one of my favourites!! I’ve linked a similar one from Aldo below which is less than half the price and such a good dupe! I truly love this look, it’s one from just last week – not sure why the images are such bad quality in comparison, I think they might be saved wrong so apologies for that! Which one’s your favourite? or is it not here? I love hearing what you guys think! Also if you’re loving these outfits then follow me on Bloglovin’ for more to come !!

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Winter Coat Inspiration

If you follow me on any form of social media then you’ll be all too aware that I’ve been bed bound with the flu for the past week (and still going) so it will come as no surprise that I’ve decided to do a few inspirational posts. i.e. – posts I can do without taking my own photographs! I can’t lie, I do always love doing these posts but just a pre warning here, they are extremely dangerous to the bank account, unless of course you hate my style in which case. . why are you here? Anyway! Here’s some of the winter coats I’ve been loving on Pinterest at the moment, including these insane fur coats, I’m in love. Please please please can Zara do another amazing Acne dupe but in fur? this one is too amazing! Love the idea of a fur bomber! Who doesn’t need a camel coat? Investment piece right? Love the ankle duster styles though with my lanky legs I’m going to have to go to somewhere like long tall sally to achieve this look! I’m pretty sure I’ve got one of these on the way in the post – oops! I’m so excited about the next part because I’ve learnt to do something so cool! you can click on the pictures (or plus signs if they’re still there? I’m working on getting rid of them!) and it will take you straight to the coat I’ve got a picture of! Seriously proud of myself for learning to do that (it was not hard). Anyway, these are my favourites, love the mink coloured fur from Forever 21! I’ve also put them all together below! Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin, I’ve got so much exciting stuff to come when I’m well enough to shoot so you don’t want to miss out!

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Mac Make up Haul

This week I popped into Harrods to look at some Mac Concealer, 1 hour later and £100.00 lighter I’ve brought my first grown up make up. Or should I say, non drug store make up. I have had bits and pieces from other brands such as the touch eclait from YSL (which by the way I don’t know why people rave about so much) but never a full set. When I say full set, I picked up a foundation, concealer and setting powder… and some brushes. I couldn’t resist getting the whole lot when I looked at what she’d done, I mean, I looked good. AND it didn’t wear off! Which to me is all I want in make up! I’ve always steered clear of Mac make up, I kind of stereotyped it into the sort of make up the girls who plaster it on wear. As someone who prefers a more natural look I just didn’t see it working for me but honestly, they have so many types of different foundation etc and all I’ve ever seen people use it the Studio Fix Foundation which is super thick!When I took my chair to get my concealer, I was told that first of all, I’ve been putting it on wrong. I’m someone who is super self conscious of my eye bags, I know most people don’t probably notice them but for me they’re all I see when I look at my face. She actually told me that by plastering on the concealer I’m making it look like I have a LOT more to cover up than I actually do. I also put my concealer on after my foundation which apparently is a big no no! She then said about putting a foundation on because she wiped mine off, this is when I opened up about my phobia of Mac foundations. I told her I wanted something that gave me an even skin tone and would last all day without being too heavy, I wanted a sort of ‘soft and dewy’ look, something that would give me a glow. When she finished the look off with the powder I was sold on all 3, of course I had to have the brushes to put it all on with too! I also thought I would include this cute contouring Palette I got sent from IntheStyle as I used it in the below look. It’s super handy for contouring though I’m still not sure if I have the hang of it! Remember if you get anything from IntheStyle use the code SIN10 for 10% off anything online! How cute does it all look with my Kendall Bralette from elcy clothing? You can also get 10% off any of their products with the code ‘lovestylemindfulness’ So there you have it, my make up collection has begun, I couldn’t resist indulging in some selfies after I applied to show you what it looked like! The lighting is quite bad due to it always being horrible outside at the minute…

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