Being productive is not my forte. If I had a penny for every time I’ve been sat staring blankly at the computer screen or spring cleaning my room – because it was so much more urgent than tomorrows blog post – I would be rich my friend. But I’m not, I’m broke and unproductive. However, I have found some handy ways of making the most of my time, little tricks I use to focus and if I really cannot focus, ways to still be productive. 5 steps to being more productive write manageable lists I am queen list maker. There’s nothing I love more than writing lists, even as a child I wrote lists upon lists – at least now they have some form of use, though I have been know to write things I’ve already done purely for the sense of achievement when ticking it off. When you write a list, you should always be super realistic. Don’t write an a4 to do list – you ain’t never gonna get that done in a day and when you don’t you’ll feel like a failure. I also find that personally, if I see a huge list I instantly remember something else I could do to avoid said scary list. Writing a more manageable list makes you way more productive – and if you really must have your a4 list, split it into manageable chunks. Background noise is a good thing Personally, I cannot concentrate in deadly silence, my mind wanders and before I know it I’m at the checkout on Asos and the blog post is just a distant memory. blog post who? I find there’s a fine line when it comes to background noise, it has to be something to fill the silence without drawing your attention away from your writing. For me, the radio works best for this heart FM I salute you, I do love Grimmy but the presenters on Radio 1 are far too talky and distracting! This little radio I was sent from EMIE has been my absolute saviour. It’s about the size of an a6 piece of paper, lightweight and totally instagrammable. Small, lightweight and photogenic . . in other words a bloggers dream, perfect for those ‘work situation” shots! Obviously it does have a function too, background noise. . because it’s small I’ve been carrying it round everywhere with me, by the shower, in the kitchen . .probably not socially acceptable to take it on the train . . Don’t procrastinate Procrasination is the thief of joy. I truly believe this, how can you ever relax when you know you should be doing something else? If you do something, see it through from start to finish and don’t stop to clean out your make up drawer – it has been known. I am queen of procrastinating, there’s always someone who wants to go for lunch or the dog needs walking and I haven’t washed my make up brushes in ages. Honestly the things I’ll do to avoid working. Preparation is key I always schedule my posts because I find it hard…

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Flared Sleeves : Trend Inspo

As yesterday I talked about my current favourite flared sleeve trend, I thought I would enlighten you with my inspiration. I’ve also got the hang of this hi tech thingy-majiggy and if you click on the little plus signs then it will take you to the pieces featured! Pretty smart huh? I’ll link the bits below for you technaphobes . . don’t worry! Tan Basket Bag : Other Stories White Skirt : Topshop Nude Top : Asos Black Top : Boohoo White Top : Topshop Light Jeans :  Topshop Crochet Dress : Mango Striped Dress : Asos Pink Glove Shoes : Mango Flared Sleeve Favourites A selection of my fave flared sleeve wonders. Click on the images to be magically transported to the product pages. What trends have you been loving lately?

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Flared Sleeves And Fishnet Socks

I’m not always one for following trends, I stick to a standard uniform of blue jeans and a white t shirt and thats how I like it. These flared sleeves and fishnet socks though, they’ve got me hook line and sinker. The flared sleeves are something you can’t avoid at the moment and as one hell of a clumbsy/messy gal it’s not the most practical of trends for me, but who said fashion was practical? This and a love of saucy foods means you’ll mostly find mine dip dyed with brown stains from an unknown food source. Top : Zara / Alternative here Necklace : DIY post here Jeans : Asos Socks : Asos *Heels : Public Desire Bag : Zara SOLD OUT / Alternative here Flared Sleeves and Fishnet Socks The second I saw these fishnet socks on Hannah from Afashionfix I was a woman on a mission, must . have . socks. As with anything I’ve been loving recently I brought these whilst listening to one direction to drown out the cries of “please no!” from my trend hating boyfriend. . . he says I don’t get fashion. Personally, I’m thinking the flared sleeves and fishnet socks make pretty much the perfect combo, a little bit girly and a little bit edgy means the perfect balance. Sort of like wearing a pretty girly dress with a leather biker jacket. !   Shop The Look Each image is linked with where to buy – you can thank me later . .   Top : Zara / Alternative here Necklace : DIY post here Jeans : Asos Socks : Asos *Heels : Public Desire Bag : Zara SOLD OUT / Alternative hereAll photography by Kirk Schwarz – Website – Instagram  Thoughts on fishnet socks? Are they too far or just far enough? Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin to stay up to date with the latest posts! You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel for my latest vlogs, hauls and favourite’s!

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Waking Up My Tired Skin

My skin is one of the things I’m most self conscious of, not all of it, just the skin on my face. I haven’t got bad skin by any measure, I’m just pale as hell with skin that’s pretty much translucent. If you follow me on snapchat (sineadcrowe) you’ll have seen many a bare faced snap and you’ll know what I’m talking about! I just feel like every little imperfection is so visible, I get freckles which I dislike, any redness is magnified and my under eyes are the thing of nightmares. So since I’ve decided to try and be more confident without make up, I was totally on board when Clarins asked me to test out their new boosters and night cream. What is tired skin? Tired skin is something I would definitely identify with . . it’s nothing about my skin to be fair, I’m just tired and dislike my complexion, so I call it tired skin for a lack of a better description. This perhaps, is why I went for the energy booster from Clarins’ new range. The energy booster claims to “Re-energize and tone skin, minimise signs of fatigue and keep your complexion radiant” gimmie somma that. Clarins Boosters The idea is that you add 3-5 drops of the booster into your day or night cream using as little or often as needed. So it isn’t an everyday thing – though I have to admit I’ve used it every day since I got it. They also say that if you want a more intensive treatment, you can add it to your foundation or face mask – something I haven’t tried yet but may be my next port of call. So these little boosters sent from Clarins heaven are essentially made to detox your skin in any way shape or form you wish. Energy revitalises, Repair reduces redness and comforts damaged skin and detox purifies your skin from the effects of pollution and overindulgence. I think I’m also in need of the detox booster – overindulgence is my middle name. Ok . . I need them all. Energy Booster – Repair Booster – Detox Booster Clarins Multi-Active Nuit Cream First of all, when it comes to putting things on my face the smell is everything. If something smells sickly sweet I can’t bear the throught of putting it all over my face, it’s the same with highly perfumed creams. This has a kind of plant based smell, really clean and fresh. The sort of smell you don’t mind on your face. Together with the booster they go on really nicely, the cream is super lightweight and I already feel like it’s worked wonders. So much so that I’m already planning on repurchasing the cream (those booster drops will last me years) and perhaps even the day cream from the same range. When it comes to your skin, it’s so important to invest because you’ve only got one and you’re stuck with it! It’s all about ageing gracefully and with my 26 birthday next month I’m becoming more and more aware of this! *Clarins Multi-Active Nuit Cream : House of Fraser *Clarins Booster…

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Blogging Tips

How to Use Social Media to build your blogs following

Knowing when and how to promote your blog is such a key part of being a blogger. Sooo, I thought for this weeks blog tips post I would talk about the ways you can use social media to build your blogs following. How to build your blogs following using Social Media Social media is a great free way of building up your blogs following. Most of my tips will probably make you go . .duh!  But I’d say they ain’t all that obvious and unless you know, you don’t know. . you know?! Twitter Tag brands and blogger groups in your tweet Whenever I share my blog posts on twitter I always tag either the brand I’m talking about or/and blogger groups. Incase you didn’t know, there’s so many groups that will retweet you. . like they’re dedicated to retweeting blogs . . I know. Some of the groups I regularly tag are below but I’m always finding new ones and there’s lots that are great for specific posts: @femalebloggerRT @fashbeautylife @UKbloggers1 @lovingblogs @lbloggerschat @blogginggals (use #blogginggals) @TheGirlGangHQ (make sure you also #thegirlgang) @bloggingconnect @BBlogRT Join in on blogger chats Blogger chats are another great way of building your following and getting people over to your blog. It’s also great for finding out new information and sharing tips with other bloggers. They usually have a topic such as working with brands or blog photography and the chat allows bloggers to swap experiences and share ideas. Some of the chats I regularly join in with I’ve listed below but I’m sure if none of these are relevant to you, if you do your research there’ll be hundreds to join in with! Monday #BDIB  – 7-8pm #Fbloggers – 8-9pm Tuesday #fblchat – 8-9pm #bloghour – 9-10pm Wednesday #lbloggers – 7-8pm #bbloggers – 8-9pm Friday #BDIB – 8-9pm Saturday #fblchat – 3-4pm Sunday #lbloggers – 7-8pm #bbloggers – 8-9pm Keep Active Twitter more than any other social media is one you need to stay active on. The more active you are, the more your following will grow. This is another reason why group chats are great, I try to join in at least 1 a week, regularly tweet my blog posts and try to post in between just general tweets like I love my dog . .you get the picture! Instagram Tag brands and inspiration pages in your photos and use relevant hashtags This is kind of similar to the Twitter one but obviously, as we all know Instagram is a tough nut to crack! I find that when I get reposted by a brand or inspirational page my blog views go way up. Once when ootdmagazine reposted me and I got way over 500 views in about an hour! Crazy. Tagging inspirational pages, brands and using specific brand hashtags are amazing ways of getting noticed for that all important re post! With OOTDmagazine you can also go to their website and submit images to give yourself more chances of being re posted! Be interactive I know that the more your following grows the harder this is, but…

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