Make This Monday The Best Monday You’ve Had

We’ve all been there, it’s that dreaded feeling you get on a Sunday night when Mondays looming and you can’t escape the fact that the weekend is well and truly over. In this post I want to share some of my top tips to help you enjoy yourself this Monday and make it the best Monday you’ve ever had – cheesy I know. Personally, I hate the fact that everyone (including me) lives for the weekend. Why should our lives consist of two days when there’s 7 in the week? Ok, so this is really an issue I have with the whole week but let’s just take it one day at a time and start with battling the Monday blues. I would like to share with you, my top tips for making Monday’s G R E A T. Making Mondays Great Start The Day Right What effect do you think an extra 15 minutes sleep does to you and your body? I’m guessing not a lot. This is why I say, get up 15 minutes earlier (or more if you can hack it) and enjoy your breakfast time. If you literally just get up to shove clothes on and go to work then you’re not going to be in the best mood now are you? My thoughts are, make work just a part of your day, not what your day is all about. If you’ve already been up for a while before you go to work. Maybe read a magazine article, had a relaxing breakfast and leisurely got ready, then you’re going to be in a better mood! Take Time Over Your Appearance So this one may sound Vein, but I feel like when you look good, you feel good. Just think, every time you go to the toilet your gonna thing “damn I look good”. Instead of the usual (if your like me) avoiding eye contact with the mirror because foundation was just too much this morning. Be Beyonce Don’t drive to work listening to how bad the traffic is on the road and who died over the weekend, the news and radio stations just don’t do it for me on a Monday, maybe on a Friday, I’m all about that happy hardcore FM. Listen to your favourite music and turn it up to full volume, singing your heart out to Beyonce and walking in like you own the place is how I expect my Monday to go down. Sasha Fierce doesn’t hate Mondays and neither should you. Start A New Notebook Ok, unless you’re rich in notebooks you can’t do this every Monday but I just had to add this one in because to me, a new note book is a new start. Yes, I am a stationary addict and yes I do have a draw full of notebooks with cute quotes on the front and one list in the entire book, and? It’s just the small things that count, like starting a new notebook and using a new pen for the…

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Blogging Tips // Things I Wish Someone Told Me

So I’ve done a post on how to get started as a blogger, easy SEO tips and bounce rates, so the next in my series of blogging tips I thought I would share the things that I wish someone had shared with me! I feel like theres the generic tips that everyone shares and then there’s the tips that they keep back for themselves! If you have any more questions you want answered I am happy to answer on instagram or twitter or even if you wanted I could do a Q&A on my new Youtube Channel? Let me know! Blogging Tips Photography is Key I feel like people always say ‘photography doesn’t matter’ and it’s right to some extent. You don’t need a fancy camera, it’s much better to take beautiful images on your iPhone than it is to have all the gear and no idea coming out with something that looks like it went off in your handbag. Your photography is generally what will attract someone to your post, unless of course you have a super duper catchy title (which is also important!). Not only this, but I myself have recently discovered the power of a repost on social media. If you take a beautiful picture, the brand featured or an inspiration page is going to want to repost it, they’re also going to sit up and take notice of you, as are their 1.5 million followers. . . do you see where I’m going with this? One of my top blogging tips would be to always take photos bearing in mind your instagram and make sure you tag the brands whilst simultaneously crossing your fingers for a re post! Get Google Analytics & Use it I got google analytics a good 6 months after I started blogging and it took me until recently to actually use it. I’ve now got the app on my phone which is amazing for motivating you to share your posts on social media. It shows real time figures and when you can see the views going up in response to your networking it spurs you on to keep doing it! It’s also a great way of learning more about your audience, the time’s and days that your blog is the most popular and the posts that fetch the most views. It’s also the most accurate for stats and the one that all brands ask for. Be Useful When using my Google Analytics (another reason why you need this!!!) I noticed that my posts that were helpful in some way shape or form were doing the best stats wise. I was shocked to see that my outfit posts weren’t doing all that great in comparison, however, I’ve now taken this on board and I make sure that every post has something interesting that the reader can take away. Whether it’s a tip, my opinion, a review, just something that isn’t just “hey look how good I look, I know” or “I got sent…

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Peacocks // Creating A Pulled Together Look On A Budget

I have to admit, before I was approached about doing this post I hadn’t really heard about Peacocks for a while, not since I heard they’d gone into liquidation that is! Anyway, clearly these rumours were false because they’re here and they’re stronger than ever. My whole outfit here is from Peacocks with a few classic pieces to pull the look together and make me look a million dollars! Jumper, Scarf, Jeans & Shoes all Peacocks Styling My Look with Peacocks I find that when you’re shopping with a lower budget, the trick to not looking like your shopping on a lower budget is to mix in some of your favourite classic pieces to create the overall look. Here I’ve simply added my favourite Leather jacket and my beloved Zara bag to a head to toe Peacocks look. I’ve also styled the pieces to give them some of my own personality which I feel is essential with anything really! The jeans were a longer length than I would have liked so I simply folded them under so they hit exactly where I wanted. For me, I’m all about that little gap of skin between my shoes and jeans, I just feel like it breaks it up a bit! I’m loving camel and turtlenecks at the moment so couldn’t resist this ribbed one from Peacocks! Remember in my Haul video, talking about my love of ribbed jumpers! Well here you go! I was shocked at how much I love these shoes, I have a pretty good collection of lace up shoes as you may well know! The attention to detail on these is so much more than I expected, Peacocks have really surprised me here! I love the square shaped toe and the little tassels on the ends of the ties. These are actually a lot better than some of the other styles I’ve got for triple the price! What do you think to how I’ve styled up my Peacocks look? Are you someone who mixes in low end pieces with old favourites like me or do you stick to one or the other?! Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin’ to stay up to date with my latest post! I’m talking blogging tips I wish someone had told me when I first started tomorrow! Also I am now on Youtube incase you didn’t know! So make sure you go and subscribe to my channel as I will be uploading new videos weekly and theres a couple up for you to have a look at right now! All Photography by Kirk Schwarz. See his work on his website here, or his instagram here! This Post has been Sponsored by Peacocks, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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My Favourite Lip Combo

We all have that one lipstick that we love and go back to time and time ago right? My favourite lip combo has to be the Rimmel Cappuccino lip liner and the Natural Collection lipstick in Figleaves. What I love about this combination is the brown colour that isn’t so dark brown that it’s offensive. I still feel like its a pretty natural look with an edge! It’s the one lip combo that I always know I can rely on to look good! I feel like for me this is my dressy lip too, because I don’t really wear red lipstick, often I’ll opt for this brown when I want to go out out! First things first, before I put any lip produts on I always apply lip balm. I don’t know about you, but my lips are eternally chapped. I’ve tried lip scrubs, I’ve tried brushing them with a tooth brush, nothing works! So before I do anything I always have to apply some lip balm to create a nice base for the lipstick to go on smooth. Recently I’ve been trying out Dr Paw Paw, I didn’t realise that it’s actually not just a balm and is pretty much a solves everything balm! It is great for lips but I also used it as a primer the other day which it did a pretty amazing job with! Think of it as a new take on the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream! You can get your own Dr Paw Paw balm here, or just see what all the fuss is about!! Winning Lip Combo You can see from the above photo how much I really love this lip combo! I guess it’s pretty disgusting and seen as the lipstick is only about £3 I should probably get a new one! I just hate waste! There’s so much left! I had to show you how scummy it looks, I get shouted at everytime I take it it out but it’s not going anywhere I love it! I love that the two as a little lip combo create a lovely ombre effect. When I put it on I colour in the edges with my lip liner and use the lipstick in the centre and blend. It’s a really subtle ombre effect but it’s just enough for someone like me who’s dipping their toe into the world of beauty! What’s your favourite lip combo? I would love to hear what new lipsticks to try out as I’m only just really getting into beauty! I feel like Mac Whirl or Soar liner are the ones I need to try out next as everyone’s always raving about them! Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin’ to stay up to date with the blog! Lots of new stuff coming your way especially on my brand spanking new youtube channel which by the way you should have already subscribed to but if you haven’t then go and do it now! One last thing, I’m running a huge givewaway on…

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